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4 Things that Indicate Your Property is Violating Fire Safety Rules

Fire safety is a priority for domestic and commercial properties as fire accidents can cause serious property damage and fatalities. Ignoring safety against fire accidents has dangerous consequences so it should be on the top of the list of things that you need to do to make the property safe for occupation.

Landlords often think that installing a few smoke alarms and fire extinguishers will make the property safe from accidental fires. But the fire protection system will be useless if it is not installed properly or maintained. There are certain codes in place that make sure that safety equipment is installed properly.

Here are a few things that will tell you that the fire protection system is violating safety codes and you need to make some changes.

Putting Smoke Alarms in The Wrong Place:

The mains smoke alarm is an integral part of the fire safety system but they will be ineffective if they are installed in the wrong place. Putting it in the air handlers is a huge mistake because there is a lot of moving air in the area. If the filters of the air handlers are not changed on time then it will contaminate the alarm with dirt and dust. The air handlers are also hard to reach so maintenance of the alarm will be hard.

If you are using air diffusers in the building then you need to keep it away from the smoke alarms because diffusers will blow dirt and dust into the smoke alarm and affect its efficiency. It can also lead to false fire alarms so place them carefully.

Failing to Inspect Fire Protection System:

Maintenance of the protection system is essential for fire safety. Installing safety equipment is just the first step to making the property safe from fires. People often tend to forget the safety equipment after installing and they do not notice when the fire alarms are out of batteries and not in working condition. Inspecting the fore protection system regularly is crucial for the safety of the property and its occupants. Some landlords buy different parts of the protection system from different suppliers and it often results on leaving some parts of the safety system uninspected. Make sure that the inspection contract includes inspection of the entire system is included in it.

Blocked Exits and Fire Doors:

The exits and fire doors of the property should be clear so that people can easily get to safety in case of a fire emergency. Never stack up things in front of the stairs so that people do not fall down as they try to get out of the building. The exit signs should be clear so that people can see them clearly. The fore doors of the property should also be fully functional so that they do not get stuck during an emergency.

Overloaded Electrical Equipment:

The faulty and overloaded electrical equipment is a major cause for a fire. It is important that the electrical safety of the property is ensured. There should be no electrical outlets that are overheating because they are overused. Electrical safety is essential for fire safety as both go hand in hand.

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