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4 Things You Should Know Before Starting a PR Campaign

PR Campaign

So, you’re ready to start a brand new PR campaign that you hope will get you thousands of online brand mentions? Well slow your roll because there are several things you should know first. At least you are taking the most important step which is implementing a public relations strategy, because it is nearly impossible to achieve success when very few people even know about your company. However, just putting yourself out there is not going to work if you are not doing it properly.

Mention the Customer

Simply put, it is not all about you. That might sound a little weird since the entire goal of a PR campaign is to promote your brand’s public image, but it is true. Consumers are not interested in hearing all about your company and the experiences that you have had so far. They are far more interested in what it is that you can do for them. That is why you really need to take this opportunity to mention how your product or service can make their lives better.

Try to create all of your public relations content in a problems and solutions format where you talk about an existing issues that many of your customers are facing, which will allow you to connect with them, and then discuss the solution to that problem that you offer, which will let them know that it is in their best interest to know about your business.

Go Where the Audience Is

This one is much more obvious, and yet some companies still are not implementing it like they should be. If you are going to spend many hours and a whole bunch of money creating a public relations campaign, or better yet hiring a public relations firm like Tribe Builder Media to do it, then you need to make sure that you are developing it on the right medium. After all, if your new campaign is being promoted somewhere that your audience is not very present then you are essentially screaming into an empty void.

Know Your Goal

When it comes to PR campaigns there can be several different beneficial results that arise out of it. Before you begin though you need to make sure that you know what you are after. Are you looking to increase awareness of your company, drive sales, or something else entirely? Knowing this will help you ensure that your campaign is tailored to get your company exactly what you are looking for.

Stay Consistent

Remaining in unison is so vital to a successful public relations performance. Without consistency you often lack clarity, and this can be very damaging to your company’s reputation. If you want your campaign’s focus to be the simplicity of using your product or service then make sure that is mentioned in each leg of your PR campaign. As soon as you start mixing up the public message with mentions of how environmentally friendly your company is, suddenly the attention is being pulled away from your main focus point and just like that you are watering down the effectiveness of your campaign.

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