4 Tips For Increasing Your Wealth All On Your Own


Whether you are wondering about when you are going to get that next promotion or trying to squeeze all you can out of that old car before it breaks down for good, saving money and increasing your wealth play a part in almost every aspect of daily life. Here are four tips to help you plan for the future and grow your bank account.

Reduce Your Cost of Living

Increasing your wealth doesn't only mean trying to pull in a higher salary. It also means eliminating those costs that make your existing salary have a smaller margin.

The first step toward making your existing salary stretch should be to investigate the money that is already coming out of your pocket. Your cost of living — which includes things such as your rent or mortgage payments, transportation costs, groceries and money spent on entertainment — could be dragging down your potential to build wealth.

Evaluate where you are spending the most money within your cost of living, and see if there is an aspect of your life where you could eliminate some unnecessary expenses. This could mean moving to a less pricey part of town and finding an apartment with a smaller rent payment, trying to cut down on the number of times per week you go out to eat or trading in your gas-guzzling car for a public transportation pass. Being able to differentiate between wants and needs can boost your bank account.

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Manage Your Own Money

When you do accrue capital, increasing your wealth becomes easier if you manage your money yourself instead of trusting a banker. By learning the basics of money management, perhaps from a course or a becoming your own banker PDF, you can take control of your money. Once you cut out the middleman, you will no longer have to worry about paying interest or letting any public information get out about what you do with your holdings.

When you use a bank, there is a consistent give and take that comes with trusting its motives and advice. Is it just trying to take advantage of you to get as much money out of you as possible, or does it genuinely have your best interests in mind? When you are your own banker, you ensure that every decision that is made regarding your money is one that you have complete control over and that is in your best interests.

Work Harder and Smarter

Besides taking care of what you already have, you should also think about the ways that you can obtain more money professionally. If your job has a clear structure in place for receiving a promotion, develop a plan for attaining that higher salary. If taking a continuing education course will nudge you into a higher pay bracket, consider enrolling. Some training may even be paid for by your employer. 

In some cases, there may not be a clear path toward a promotion or raise. If, after evaluating all options at your current workplace, you determine that there is little or no room for advancement, it might be time to update your resume and cover letter and begin searching the job market for a higher-paying position at a different company. Knowing your worth can be crucial to increasing your wealth.

Plan Ahead

The excitement of building wealth can sometimes be so much that you lose control of the ability to make responsible decisions, especially if you suddenly come into a new position with a greater salary and find yourself with extra money on your hands. When your salary suddenly increases, it can be tempting to make a big purchase, such as a new car, book a lavish vacation or even hand over the down payment for a new home. Often, however, immediately splurging on a gift to yourself like this can have a negative effect on your long-term wealth.

In order to ensure that your income is spent thoughtfully over the course of your life, plan ahead for what you will do when your salary increases or for what you'll do when you retire. With a clear plan in place for how you will budget, spend and invest your growing wealth, you can be sure that you are making responsible decisions to keep you with enough cash to operate comfortably over the course of your life.


The journey to increased wealth requires hard work and meticulous planning. In the end, however, the satisfaction you will have from achieving your goal and being able to live comfortably is well worth the effort.