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4 Tips for Tackling Balance as Business Owner

Owning and operating a small business is a huge responsibility and requires a significant time commitment. A recent report found that over 63 percent of business owners work more than 50 hours per week on day-to-day tasks for the business. Tack on time spent in strategic tasks, networking, and generating new business and you'll find little extra time for life outside of work.


This lack of balance can have serious health implications and can also negatively impact your business. If you're not living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, how can you expect your business to thrive? While establishing a good work-life balance is no menial task, here are a few tips to get you started:


First Things First

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things to master when testing out a new work-life balance routine is taking care of self. With so many things on the docket time for self tends to finish last on the to-do list. While this approach may feel like you're focused and tackling the tough stuff, it can actually harm your business in the long run.


Studies suggest that slowing down a bit and taking time for self can have a huge impact on your health. Additionally, practicing self-care will increase your productivity and enhance your ability to care for others. As a business owner this is key because you'll be better equipped to engage your employees and service your customers. Whether you enjoy a workout, meditation, or reading a few pages of a good book commit to doing this each morning before you start your day. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes!


Tap Into Technology

One of the great things about business today is it can be done from almost anywhere. Technology allows us to meet over the phone, via video conferencing, and a variety other channels. Familiarizing yourself with the best voip service or tele-technology can add precious time to your day. You can use this time savings to invest in other areas of your life like time spent with family or working on a personal project. Additionally, staying in-tune with technology shows your customers, clients, and employees that you value innovation and are capable of adapting. It's a win-win all around!


Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are difficult, but if you don't set them early on you'll be on the road to burnout pretty quickly. Here are a few ways to establish the limits:

  • Space: designating a clear workspace is something you must do as a business owner. This allows you to separate your work from home and creates a gap in where you work and play
  • Time: establish clear working hours and don't go outside of them unless it is absolutely necessary. This may be challenging at first, but it's a must-do
  • Accessibility: you'll need to determine how and when you want to be contacted about business. Stick to these guidelines and ensure you don't break the rules you set!

Take Time to Learn

Business ownership requires continual learning and sometimes taking a break to attend a webinar, conference, or workshop can offer a sense of balance you won't find grinding it out behind your desk. Attending one of these workshops is an investment in your business and offers excellent ROI. When you take a timeout to learn you're flexing your brain, relieving stress, and developing a new skill set that may help you remain relevant in your industry. Yes, it can be challenging to put away your to-do list and skip out for day, but you'll find it reaps unparalleled rewards.


These tips offer just a few of the many ways you can effectively blend business ownership with your responsibilities at home. With a little discipline and commitment you'll be well on your way to enjoying success in both arenas!

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