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4 Tips for Quick Business Efficiency Boost

While a lot of people like to mystify the way it works, the world of business is actually quite simple to explain. People tend to go with businesses that offer a better service/product at the more affordable price. On the other hand, getting there is definitely not an easy task. You see, first you’ll need to find a way to make your SMB run like a well-oiled machine. With this in mind, here are four tips that can give your company a quick business efficiency boost.

1.      High impact marketing

Seeing how you probably won’t have enough money to go on a full multi-channel marketing campaign, you will probably have to prioritize. This usually means looking for ideas that require low-investment, but still bring results to the table. In other words, you need to figure out which course of action will bring you the best ROI. Some of the methods you could try out are building a community, focusing on the local SEO or even leveraging online review sites. That way, you can ensure that people hear about the amazing offer your business has in store.

2.      Portable office

The best thing about running a business in the 21st century is that you can actually take it home with you. This means that some of your star-employees will be available even while on vacation (if this is something you agreed upon and they feel comfortable with). However, you need to make sure their hardware is up to date. Although a modern smartphone can deal with most of the required tasks, it is usually better if they have a decent laptop or at least a tablet in their possession. Furthermore, while some prefer to keep data on the cloud, others still feel safer getting a portable hard drive for this particular task.

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3.      Staff motivation

No matter how good your business doctrine is and how high-end your digital tools are, it always comes down to who has more dedicated employees. This, however, is a tricky part since not everyone is after the same thing. Some of your employees will only be there for the money. Needless to say, this group is the hardest to satisfy and almost impossible to retain. Others, however, will be motivated by prospects of advancement, which is why you need to make sure that there is plenty of room for hierarchical mobility within your organization. Finally, sometimes all that your employees need is some form of recognition for the hard work they have done. A small gift (a token really), a word of thanks or even a handwritten note can be more than enough.

4.      Focus on the feedback

Some companies spend millions on marketing analysis, without ever setting aside some time to just listen to their customers. If your business has a social network page or even a simple comment section on its website, it is quite possible that they have all the insight you will ever need. Still, this will require you to overcome your ego and learn how to admit your own mistakes. Not only will this show your caring side to the customers, but it is also a completely cost-free way to reveal some of the greatest shortcomings in your business model. A win-win scenario regardless of how you look at it.


As you can see, giving your business a quick efficiency boost is neither difficult nor costly as long as you have at least some idea of what you are doing. In most cases, it requires focusing on four issues: your public image, your tools of the trade, your employees and your customers. Those who manage to keep an eye on all of these points should be able to unleash the full potential of their business. It is always better to work smart than to work hard.

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