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4 Tips to Decorate the Bedroom in Eclectic Style

As we all know that there so many different styles that we can opt to decorate our room. From all these décor styles the best one that you can opt to have in your house is Eclectic look. Keep in mind that to create this look you have to design up an arbitrary room by using so many mismatching pieces. There will be no clear cut theme that you will follow while decorating your room. But still everything will look harmonize and perfect. And make it look creative and appealing. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that you can implement while decorating your room in an Eclectic style.

1. Prefer to Mix Up Different Furniture Styles:

The first thing that you should know while decorating your room in Eclectic look is to use a mix style of furniture. Obviously you have to place different style of furniture in your room, but make sure that all of them will complement each other. Even though all the furniture placed in the room will be different, but still it will be creating a harmony in its look and feel. Just like for creating an Eclectic look you can simply mix up the two themes of modern and antique in a way that everything you will place in the room will look attractive and harmonized.

2. Color Combinations That You Can Use:

So if you opt to have Eclectic look in your entire room, then you should prefer to use various color combinations. But keep in mind that these color combinations must look properly coordinated with each other. As we all know that color is the main focal point of Eclectic style home decorating. So you can opt to apply shades of blue, yellow, orange or even the green color. Other than that, you can also opt to use gold or shimmery colors that will make your house look more attractive and appealing.

3. Prefer to Use Mixed Patterns in Fabrics:

The next thing that you should prefer to know about creating and Eclectic look in your room is used mixed patterns in your décor. So keep in mind that while choosing the bedding, you should try to play with different patterns and textures that you will use in the room. So while choosing colors and patterns make sure that it will make an overall harmonized color combination. Other than that, for adding an extra level of comfort to your luxurious bed you should prefer to use extra deep fitted sheets double. That will help you to make your bed look cozy and stylish. Next you also have the option to mix up different patterns just like using some of the geometric shapes, mixing it up with some stripes or dot patterns. But make sure that everything should look well synchronized.

4. Opt to Have an Exotic Interior Lighting:

The next thing that you should prefer to keep simple and dim is lighting for the home. Keep in mind that in Eclectic style houses you have to use dim lighting that you can create with lamps and pendants made up of colored glass, carved wood and cut metal. Other than that, you can also use candles placed in stylish or antique candle holders. That will also make your house look stylish.

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