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4 Tips to Dissolve Musty Odours on Drain Pipes

Musty odours on drain pipes are caused by multiple factors such as gunk that’s stuck around the pipe composed mainly of food particles, hair, soap particles, grease, oils, etc., mould and mildew growth, leaks in pipes, problems in the sewer lines and so on. Bacteria that feed on the filth accumulate and multiply then release a bad odour.

In order to address the issue of musty odours on drain pipes, you need to determine what caused the foul smell. You may consult an emergency plumbing company to help you out on this. Equally important is to identify the source or where the musty odour is coming from. That said, your planned approach on how to get rid of the fetid odour would hit the target. Here below are several tips on how to dissolve the bad odour on drain pipes.

Try hot water or white vinegar

Slowly pour simmering water or white vinegar into the drain. Wait a few minutes before you pour cold water on the same area in order to solidify the debris. Then pour hot water again to wash off the remaining wastes. Take note that PVC pipes could be prone to damage when in contact with boiling water.

Try baking soda-vinegar mixture

A cup of baking soda poured into the drain followed by two cups of hot vinegar would be enough to soften the gunk and break it down to finer bits. You should wait for the mixture to fizz, say, for about an hour. Afterwards, run hot water down the drain to see if the clog is removed.

Unclog your drain with a plunger

If the above solutions don’t work, this time the plunger is your next line of defence. Experts in plumbing say that putting some petroleum jelly along the edge of the plunger can better seal off the drain opening in the toilet bowl. That being said, suction would be much better when you plunge up and down with a vigorous force.

Use a plumber’s snake

Still, if using the plunger won’t remove the stubborn gunk, then it’s time to use the plumber’s snake since this tool is designed to remove difficult clogs and obstructions from the drain. Also called a drain snake, this device has a bendable metal tube that’s fitted inside a plastic tube with an auger. To clear out the blockade, insert the snake into the drain, rotate the handle as you force it deeper into the drain. Expect the auger to catch a bunch of wastes hooked to it once you pull the snake out.

You can also make an improvised drain snake if you don’t have one at home. Any piece of wire like that in a coat hanger will work out just fine. Simply straighten the hanger and attach a hook at one end. Do as you would a drain snake. The hook should be able to remove debris.  

Remember, removing the clog can remove musty odours. If you can’t stand the smell, then let a plumber do it for you.

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