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4 Totally Curable STIs You Should Know About

Most people want to avoid the emergence of 4 common outcomes of unprotected sex- Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. Even for a percentage of people even after using protection any of these occurs and thus they don’t know its relevant prevention.

Despite having such a high percentage of infected persons of these infections worldwide, fortunately, these are completely curable. Even their symptoms are very little to no they show more-or-less similar symptoms like abdominal pain, painful urination, genital ulcers, abnormal urethral discharge in males, unusual vaginal discharge.

But these STIs can be only diagnosed by proper testing. Read this blog to know how testing can help you to win over these STIs and what can happen if they are left untreated for long.     

1.   Combating Chlamydia

It is the most regular STI infects mainly women at their young age. Generally, it possesses no symptoms yet painful urination is regarded as its potential symptom. Primarily, it affects the eyes, urinary tract and genital tract. If left untreated for a long period of time, it will result in ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and blindness.

Even it puts the health of the newborn at risk too at the same time if the mother is diagnosed with this STI. Although reinfection is quite normal yet it is completely curable with antibiotics.     

2.  Triching Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is among one of the common as well as curable STIs. The parasitic organism Trichomonas vaginalis survives in the genital tract and surpasses another healthy body via sexual intercourse. It is quite tricky as it infects the area which can’t be covered by a condom.

Thus, even after using a condom you can’t protect yourself fully from trichomoniasis. This infection can occur to both women and men and as symptoms vary from person-to-person, its detection is quite unpredictable.

Hence, accurate diagnosis can be only done by undergoing a laboratory test at the private sexual health (GUM) clinic in London - Medical Express Clinic. Thus, you are always suggested to undergo sexual health screening. Otherwise, it may lead to the delivery of a premature babies with lower body weight.

3.  Serious Syphilis

Syphilis spreads through oral, anal and vaginal sex and through genitals. If it leaves untreated for a long time period, it can be the key reason to develop other permanent complications such as blindness, brain damage and paralysis.

Even certain people can’t come to know that they are actually infected as it possesses no symptoms. It has 3 stages- sores, rash and at last swollen lymph nodes. In fact, once it reaches the 3rd stage it affects most important body organs such as brain and heart including others. A would-be mother can surpass the infection to her baby in the womb and childbirth.

Pregnancy for the syphilis-infected women becomes much complicated as it offers the adverse outcome of birth like stillbirth, birth with lower body weight, prematurity, congenital deformities and neonatal death. Hence you should get tested if you think your sexual heath it put into risk as it is completely curable by a simple penicillin treatment.

4.  Gonorrhoea- The Sex Superbug

Once it reached the verge of an untreatable disease and soon it was going to be known by that worldwide! As it results from bacteria, treatment can be done with the help of 2 drugs one of which is resistance to another. But if it is about treating multi-drug resistant Gonorrhoea then there is no possible treatment option.

The persons who have been diagnosed with this STI show several severe medical complications including inflammation of the womb. It leads to infertility as well if it is not treated on time. Moreover, it can surpass a mother to her infant at the same time during delivery and can result in permanent blindness to the newborn or premature birth.

Ways to stay safe

Generally, STIs get transmitted via sexual contact- anal, oral and vaginal sex. Certain STIs are also there which transfer from a person to another via blood and bodily fluids as well. Some of them are HBV, HPV, Herpes, HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. Even it can pass from a would-be mother to her newborn at the time pregnancy and delivery at the same time.

But there are several ways by which you can stay protected from STIs. Such ways are mentioned below for your reference:

·        Engage in protected and safe sex

·        Make use of condoms in the right manner

·        Access trustworthy sexual health education

·        Undergo screening and treatment if there is any risk as most STIs don’t show any symptoms

·        Always use condoms while having sex with any new partner

·        Visit a sexual health clinic for STI testing in London if you have had already unprotected sex and put one another at risk.

·        Always discuss with the partner regarding the potential risk of getting infected with an STI

·        Talk about the risk level you can take with your sexual health

·        If you have conceived and maybe at the risk for any STI, it is better to get tested and obtain the treatment since its initial stage

·        As reinfection is most usual for STIs ensure that your partner has been treated for STI to eliminate its chance.

If used properly, the condom is the most efficient method as prevention against STIs along with HIV. In fact, female condoms are safe and efficient as well. The person who changes sex partners often and never uses any protection is more likely to get infected by any STI. Remember, early treatment of STI never makes immune strong and thus there always remains a high probability of reinfection.

The power lies in Knowledge

As STIs are most common it can infect anyone. That’s why it is important to acquire as much information as possible about it including its preventive measures and the step you should take after having one. Nowadays, comprehensive sex education becomes significant for young adolescents.

It comprises of complete sexual education with scientific and proven information regarding reproductive health, human anatomy and development. Even information about STIs, childbirth and contraception are also provided to the youngsters. Every child should get proper sex education from their young age so that they become aware of it.

Even much importance is given to HIV and STI counseling as well. In this era, people are more concerned about their sexual health and undergo testing. Therefore, advanced testing facility is much preferred by the sexual health clinic in London to facilitate testing in a discreet manner and with utmost privacy.

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