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4 Travel Apps You Should Include on Your Android Phone

Most frequent travelers usually have go-to apps when they are on a business trip or family vacation. These are apps they trust when it comes to booking a flight, discounted hotel room, or even a vehicle so they can get around.


But there are many other apps out there that help make your traveling experience even more convenient. Write my essay online and prepare these travel app picks for your android phone that you might not have yet. 


1. LiveTrekker


A goal of many travelers is to document all the important parts of their travel. This is done through pictures, videos, and perhaps the occasional note-taking. However, upon arriving home, many have forgotten most of the details.


LiveTrekker is a diary app that makes it easier to document your journey using interactive maps as it records the actual path of your trip. By annotating your journey with notes, pictures, or videos, you can save the exciting events that happened day by day.


2. Google Translate


When traveling abroad, some often rely on their tour guide to do the talking for them, even when bargaining for prices. Others think they can use English, believing that somebody is bound to know this international language. But if you are the type that wants to do the bargaining yourself or at least says a few nice words to the locals, consider Google Translate.


This incredible app can translate what you say into your desired language. You can then say it yourself to whoever you are talking to or just show your device so the other person can read what you wanted to say - something very helpful if you are inquiring about a place to go or something specific you are looking to purchase. 


3. LoungeBuddy


Nearly every airport has a special lounge meant for frequent flyers or VIPs. But not all travelers are aware of what is needed to get into such places. By inputting information about yourself, LoungeBuddy will let you know if you qualify for entry in the airport’s special lounge. Knowledge of such can save you some cash (as you can avail of the free snacks) and allow you to rest in comfort while you wait for your flight.


4. XE Currency


A big concern when traveling is the exchange rate. Some travelers get confused with the rates and end up paying more than they can afford. And when exchanging money, people may not be sure if the rates offered are fair.


XE Currency can help you here as the most recent rates are always presented, provided you have internet access. But even if you go offline, the app still can help by showing the last known rates, so you have a fair idea of how much you are spending or whether someone is taking advantage of you.



When you’re traveling far from home, it’s good to have all the help you can get to make your trip easier. Try  to by above to help you with your next travel.


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