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4 Types Of Jobs In The Mining Industry That You Might Not Know Of

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When you watch shows or documentaries about the mining industry, you only see the big machines and the hard hat men working in the field. So you are unconsciously convinced that what this hard hat men do is the only type of job in mining. What you don’t know is that there are a variety of people that have different positions in mining.

There are a lot of things that go on in the mining field that needs different people for their skills and knowledge of the machines and process that takes place. And do take note that mining jobs WA are not easy to get into, because people getting hired for these jobs will need to have a lot of experience and expertise.  

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If you’re curious enough what jobs are available in the mining industry and if you’re considering applying for one, here are four different types of jobs in the mining industry:


First on the list is the construction job in mining. This job is what you usually see on the television. This type of work requires the most physical work because its usual tasks are clearing the field, smashing up rocks, assembling structures, scaffoldings, and equipment. Equipment and machinery are essential when we talk about construction. Unitfine Hammer Mill is using a cutting knife and liner that can crush materials such as rocks by the impact and the cut force, this is possible whatever material size it is since the impact has enough force to retain crushing effeciency.


To have this job, you need to have a degree in engineering or the likes. And you certainly must have the expertise and knowledge to be a mining engineer. They are the ones responsible for sketching, planning, and arranging of the mines as well as the equipment. They continually seek to upgrade mines and mining equipment for better efficiency and productivity. There are also different types of engineering jobs in the mines according to their tasks such as the mining engineer, planning engineer, and project engineer.


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Exploration jobs consist of a geologist, geo-technician, and other personnel responsible in looking for possible mining sites. They need to be familiar with certain principles of geography to search for the right location to mine, and they’ll know where to find the place rich in minerals, oil,  etc. And their tasks are to arrange the legal papers giving them access to experiment and perform researches to confirm if the area is indeed positive in minerals, oil, etc. They also make sure that it doesn’t have a negative impact environmentally and economically.

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Lastly is operations, this is also one of the most significant jobs in the mining industry because they make sure the work keeps going. They do the planning, check-ups and going through the mine area monitoring the working condition, all to make sure that the mines does its operation on for a long-term. They survey and work on the different services done on individual sectors of the mines. There are different people assigned to manage sectors, such as the mine manager, general manager, chief mining engineer, and is overseen by the vice president of the company.

All of these jobs are essential in making the mining industry continue to reach its target production. They are responsible for the minerals, oils, etc., that we use in our daily lives.

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