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4 Ways to Prepare for Another Covid Lockdown

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The pandemic is back in full force and California residents are hastily preparing for another lockdown. While stocking up on delicious CBD edibles is a fantastic idea, there are some other essentials that you'll need to consider as well.


The last lockdown caught everyone by surprise. It was hard for people to conceive of what being in the throes a pandemic really meant. Unfortunately, we are now well aware. It means months of isolation, millions of people dying, and the hoarding of toilet paper.


When the pandemic first hit the U.S, no one knew what to expect, but now that covid is surging again, we all have an idea of what's coming and there's no excuse to not be properly prepared.


Even though you're now an experienced pandemic survivor, you probably know a thing or two about getting by. But, even if you're feeling confident in your ability to make your situation comfortable, these 4 tips are not something you should ignore.


#1. Keep Calm

This might be the most important tip on our list. The ability to keep calm will help you in more ways than one. A calm mind not only allows you to make rational decisions in difficult situations, it's also good for your physical health. 


WHen you're stressed, your body is far more susceptible to becoming ill. During the covid 19 pandemic, the last thing you want is a lowered immune system. Keeping calm will help you both mentally and physically so make sure to find ways to keep your cool!


#2. Stock Up

We all saw what happened in february of 2020. Things went absolutely insane when the president announced that we were in a pandemic. Hoarding was the instant go to. People did everything they could to acquire as much food and toilet paper as they could.


Many of us found it strange that people bought more toilet paper than food. You would think that people would be going for canned goods and bottled water, but instead they were concerned about having enough toilet paper. What was particularly odd is that people were buying toilet paper that would outlast their food supply by over a year.


When lockdown orders are issued once again, it will be crucial that you get to the store first so you can adequately stock up.


Follow these simple steps and

#3. Stay Put

It's undeniably frustrating to be on lockdown order. Many Americans are social beings and love to go out to bars and hang out with large groups of people. It's tempting to break the rules and go out for a taste of what life used to be like. Unfortunately, that's not what life is like anymore and we just have to get used to it.


The best way to avoid getting infected with the covid-19 virus is to isolate. This can easily be achieved by staying at home. If staying at home doesn't feel safe because you live with irresponsible roommates, just skip out on rent and find yourself a place to isolate in the desert. The desert is a harsh and unforgiving place which makes it the perfect location to avoid human interaction or potential exposure to covid.

#4. Sanitize

We will all have to leave our homes at some point. You need to get groceries, pick up medication, and complete other essential tasks. 


Going outside is unavoidable, and there is one hugely important thing that you need to get in the habit of if you intend to get through the pandemic unscaved. SANITIZE! Do it before and after you touch anything that exists outside the safety of your home.


Follow these simple steps and you should be well prepared for the next lockdown.


Good luck!


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