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4 Ways to Put the Kitchen Towels on Display

The kitchen towels are an important part of the kitchen because they are versatile. There are so many different ways you can use these towels. There are different types so kitchen towels available. They can be used for wiping the dishes, drying hands, cleaning spills and even as an accessory while serving tea.

The kitchen towels are an excellent addition to the kitchen. They are practical and you can also make them a part of kitchen décor. With a little creativity and you can make the whole kitchen look beautiful with the help of your yellow tea towels.

Here are a few ideas that can help you in putting the kitchen towels in the best place.

Hanging on The Sink:

You will need towels in the kitchen so that you can dry your hands. When you are working in the kitchen you will be washing your hands a lot, Make sure that you have the towels at hand to dry the hands. You can always put the dish towels on the edge of the sink. It will make sure that you have easy access to the towels when you wash your hands and allow you to put them on display. It will save you a lot of trouble as you will not have to open the cabinet with wet hands and getting water everywhere.

Use Bath Towel Bars:

The bath towel bars can work excellently in the kitchen as well. Just because they are known as the bath towel bars does not mean that you cannot install them in the kitchen. You can find a good place to install them and hang kitchen towels on it. It will help in keeping the counters clear and keep the towels nice and dry. They are a great way of putting the towels on display and add to the kitchen décor.

You may encounter one problem with the bath towel rails and it is that they are designed to hold huge bath towels and they can stick out. But they do go well with the kitchen décor and fixtures.

Hang on Appliance Pulls:

An appliance pull is a great option for hanging the kitchen towels. They make sure that the towels are accessible and also a part of the kitchen décor. You can find cabinet pulls that are designed to match the appliances so you do not compromise the aesthetic appeal of the room.

They are a great choice for display kitchen towels as they are available in a variety of sizes. They make sure that towels have sufficient clearance. There are different finishes and styles available as well and you can find the ones that match your kitchen décor.

Use Hooks:

Most of the kitchens are small and it is important to make the best use of the available space. Using the vertical space for storing kitchen accessories like kitchen towels is a great idea. You can install hooks over the sink or under the cabinets. You can hang the towels on the hooks. They will be easily accessible and stay dry and useable all the time.

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