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5 Accounting Software Options for Small and Medium Businesses

5 Accounting Software

You go through any successful company, one thing that you will find as the strong indicator is great financial aspect. Thus, out of the many pillars that make a business successful, one thing in common is great and strong accounting and financial base. As the world is changing, the various ways in which accounting is done is also changing. Only the bookkeeping was a format that was used for doing accounting, but today the format has changed, and people use it on computers instead of pen and paper. The amount of Business and its complications has also increased. This increase in competition and complication relevant for using a device that is continuously backing up the information that you are feeding instead of relying on papers which may be menu plated or removed as and when required.

This article will give you an introduction to various software play an integral role for small and medium-sized businesses for accounting and financial requirements. You will get the opportunity of analyzing the best software for your business and how you can achieve it as well.

Intuit QuickBooks

One Software that quickly comes into your mind when you talk about convenient and user-friendly accounting software is QuickBooks. The reason behind this software being so credible and number one on our list is that it has combined itself with many features. Firstly, it is developed by Intuit. It is one of the most reliable software for any medium sized organization looking for payroll management, inventory management and daily accounting along with vendor management. In any area that you are present in, this software works with ease. It has a shareable access that provides a great benefit for everybody to have a look and understanding of what is going on. Since it is performing all the personal and the professional finances so carefully, people find it a great deal to watch for. The pricing for this one ranges from dollar 24 per month. But the good thing is that it also has a free trial so that you can try the features and analyze whether they are useful for you or not. If you need to know how to download QuickBooks for multiple benefits, see it here.


Wave is software that is very well known for usage particularly for the freelancers or with companies that have little number of employees. One thing that people love about this accounting software is that it is very user friendly and easy to use. All information that you would be interested in receiving without many distractions is that you get to know your invoice status easily and many times your cash balance conveniently. Both are done by wave very comfortably. The great thing about this software is that it is free, what more could one ask for? So, if you are planning to start your business or if you want to have your hands on a software that is easy to use and get free wave is the best to start off with.


This software starts with price range of dollar 15 per month. The good thing about this software is that everything is on a shared network that is cloud. So anywhere everywhere that you are you are accessible to all the information that you would be seeking. 13 good user-friendly features that you have in this software wherein you will get the opportunity to optimize your financial resources and the benefits that you can derive from it.

And when it comes to invoicing there are online free invoice template that you can use using this software for free. That will give a big impact on your business in terms of providing fast payment transactions.

Even give you late fee reminders that help you manage your finance and Taxes without delaying and paying a fine.


This must be sounding interesting. The full form of this software is 'mind your own business'. This is an incredibly good option for all businesses that consider itself in the category of small to medium size. It has tax compliance, and it is based in Australia. It has many features which are for not only people residing in Australia but also everywhere around the world. From managing all the contacts that you have from your call directly to also attaching your bank account to your software, there are many goodies to investigate when it comes to using this software. The pricing is starting from dollar 25 per month, which is decent based on the kind of offerings that it is producing.


One accounting software that produces the kind of features that even QuickBooks was providing you with is this one. It has an application as well which is both present on Android as well as your Apple app store. You can attach many users from your account and there is no extra additional charge for it as well. It is useful to bring all those people who need to be working with that daily together on this platform. It also provides you with 30-day free trial so that you can analyze whether the features are useful for you or not.

This article has given you a good inside of all the software’s that are present in the market with small and medium businesses so that you can compare the one that holds the best fare. Many factors that you are going to look for your software selection- ranging from the cost to the features, all of them are highlighted you for your benefit. Also list the free software for anybody who wants to first try and then find the best.

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