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5 Activities That Don’t Require Technology

In this day and age, everyone is addicted to screens, whether it is their phone, laptop, tablet or even a smart watch. For good reason too, because technology has made our lives so easy. Everything can be controlled remotely through a smart device. However, incessant use of technology can take a toll on the person and prevent them from cultivating real human connections

Relationships are not built on social media contrary to popular belief. Partners, parents and siblings can unknowingly create distances between themselves if they are constantly hooked to their screens. There have also been many studies on the negative impact technology can have on relaxation and sleeping patterns.

That is why, we all need time to take a break from our devices and enjoy the benefits of tech-free relaxation time. However, most people do not even know of any activities that can be done offline and without a screen. So, here is a list of things you can do to temporarily unplug from the digital world.

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Take a Walk

Walking is not only good for your physical wellbeing but it also helps boost mental health. You can go outside and enjoy the fresh air to energize your body and improve your mood. A brisk 3-minute walk or 10,000 steps a day can help curb the risk of a heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. It also regulates blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. Distance yourself from the internet and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Often, we miss so many things happening around us because we are occupied with whatever is happening online. Walking is a great way to stay fit and mindful of our surroundings the same time.

Paint a Masterpiece

Art therapy is the best kind of therapy and anyone can do it. It does not matter if you do not have a single creative bone in your body because you can paint by numbers. These are art kits that come with a paint palette with the different colors numbered and a drawing that you have to fill in with each portion containing the number corresponding to the color that should go there. It is so easy to follow that you can create your own masterpiece and relax your mind at the same time. Paint by numbers for adults can help you cut down on stress and also help develop a hobby that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

Pick Up an Instrument

Music is another medium through which you can unleash your creativity and use your brain in a productive way. Music allows you to forget your troubles and meditate while creating a wonderful Melody. Musical training can also help boost IQ, I notice memory and aid in academic performance. It is very therapeutic to strum the chords of a guitar, bang drums or even blow wind through a pipe. Not only is this a way to spend time away from technology but can also help you out entertain company and host a sing-along for friends and family. 

Keep a Journal

Putting thoughts down with pen and paper is the best way to reflect on your day. It is a great way to give your thoughts an outlet and release them from your mind. Journals are not only about spilling secrets onto the page. They can also help you keep organized by jotting down lists or adding reminders for important events. By writing things down you will feel like you're in control of everything and if it is on paper, you won't be distracted by a screen. You can clear your mind by doing some creative writing as well. 


Cooking is a basic life skill but it can also be turned into a stress-relieving activity if the person enjoys it. We often do not find time to cook meals in the morning so taking time out in the evening for preparation of the ingredients can make life easier. It is not only a healthy but also a smart choice. Cooking can be a creative process too if you're working with the same ingredients and trying to come up with different recipes. Similarly baking is another activity that is enjoyable and the smell of baked goods can relax everyone at home. 

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