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5 Activities To Keep Your Kids Engaged This Vacation

Without any designated school hour or meeting up with your friends, Summer Vacations can get very boring. Spending long hours before the screen or televisions doesn't seem okay for your kids, especially when growing up and developing their fine motor skills, dexterity, and visual memory. When it comes down to spending time productively, art and craft for kids seem to be the best resort.


We have listed below some of the best and most efficient activities for kids, to keep them busy and buzzing. 


1. Design a treasure hunt


Okay, this might seem like more of a task for you than your kid, but this will be worth the while. Hide small items like coins or crayons around the house, or even presents for them and give them clues to look around. If the clues are hard, this will help your kid develop more resilience and focus.

2. Read them a storybook


Sometimes going old school is very important- reading stories to your kids will help them become more creative. As we know, reading is an art that people cherish all their lives, and if your kid can incorporate such a brilliant habit at such a young age, it can be great. However, don't push them hard and let your kids read at their own pace and learn.

3. Grow a Garden


When I was a little girl, I fancied gardening a lot, so much so that my mum would buy new plants for me every time we went out. Give your children small plants to take care of, have them check on their plants, and water them regularly. Gardening is one of the best and most engaging tasks out there, so maybe just let them get their hands dirty and learn. 

4. Suggest a Science experiment


Teach or show your kids how to do simple science experiments; DIY kits are the best and the most kid-friendly ways of helping your child learn new stuff.

DIY Candle Making Kits and DIY Soap Making Kits can help enhance your child's creativity and help them become little science geniuses of their own. 

These will also boost creativity as your kids grow through a sense of achievement. 

Awesome Place is one of the most trusted places for child-friendly activities for kids.


Is your kid into space exploration? Or does your child like to venture into the field of all things that scream science in general? A DIY science experiment can help him understand multiple aspects of the same.


5. Learning through Visual and Creative activities


Clay modeling is a fun way of engaging a source of learning for your kids. Art and craft for kids help your children develop self-esteem, become more imaginative and express themselves better. Your kid must communicate with you, and art and crafts help children become more confident and get comfortable in their environments. The DIY Air Dry natural clay kit for kids by Awesome Places might be a good resort in such cases. Moreover, engaging your kids in setting up their own DIY Ocean Sensory bottles can help you teach your children about biodiversity.

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