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5 Alcoholic Drinks That Are Suitable for First-time Drinkers

It is your first night out at a pub or cocktail bar like Giovanna’s Cocktails, and you are super excited to get your first drink finally! There are so many options and dazzling names, and online reviews. Don’t worry; we got your back! We brought you the best five alcoholic drinks that are suitable for first-time drinkers. Whether it is your first time drinking or you are new to alcohol, this list includes some of the tastiest drinks that will ignite your date or friends’ bar night.

1.Baileys Irish Cream (Irish Whiskey)

Baileys is considered one of the best alcoholic drinks in the world. It is incredibly smooth on the throat and has a delicious creamy taste that makes it stand out. It is perfect for new drinkers who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage without feeling the usual harshness of alcohol in their throat.

2. Vodka Sprite

Vodka sprite is one of the basics that you should try as a new drinker. The sprite's lemon-lime flavor breaks the vodka's harshness and adds lovely sparkles that smoothen the drink’s trip in your throat and waters your thirst. This drink will definitely leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and excited to socialize.

3. Jägermeister

Jager is made of 56 herbs with a secret recipe that has a unique taste. It is a perfect drink for health-conscious people because the herbs used in making this drink are known to be good for digestion. Jager is ideal for beginners because it is healthy, and its alcohol by volume is not high (35% to 45%).

4. Sangria

Sangria is a Spanish drink made from red wine mixed with fruit juice such as orange and apple. It is one of the most delicious alcoholic drinks ever to exist. Sangria is best served with fruits, cheese, or a full seafood meal. Don’t forget to share your sangria pitcher with others; sangria loves company!

5. Radler Beer

If you want to kick it off with some beer, but you are not excited about the beer taste, Radler is your best friend. Radler is a 2.5% beer mixed with lemonade and works as an excellent refresher for the sunny summer days. The best thing about Radler is that it does not have the usual bitterness of beer, so it is great for those folks new to drinking.

There are many tasty and sparkly options of alcoholic drinks in any bar. Sometimes, your friends can give you great recommendations because they are familiar with your taste. However, suppose you are new to the alcohol game and not sure what to order. In that case, the five drinks mentioned above are the best five drinks that both beginners and experienced drinkers enjoy for their great taste and light alcoholic content. The most important thing is to remember to drink responsibly, take care of your friends, and most importantly, never drink and drive. Stay safe and enjoy your drink.

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