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5 Amazing Places to Visit in Bogota, Colombia

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Bogota, the capital of Colombia has a history that goes back centuries. Today, it is a widely visited tourist destination, with an abundance of historical and cultural landmarks all around. There are plenty of fantastic places to visit in Bogota. And if you fall in love with Bogota, be sure to check out Medellin and Cartagena. Given in the list are five amazing places that you need to visit when you finally land in this part of South America that is at a high altitude. 

1. Laguna De Guatavita 

Situated a short distance from Bogota, is the Lake of Guatavita which is well known for its various gold discoveries. It was the site where numerous golden artworks were excavated, as well as the supposed site of the legendary El Dorado. This is somewhere you’d want to visit if you’re in Bogota. 

2. Bogota Graffiti Tour

Graffiti is one of those things which people are often confused about, as to whether it is art or not. In the case of Bogota, you could say that it is a city that abounds with it from end to end and graffiti is currently considered a legal art in Colombia. While it is very much possible to explore and discover the graffiti art around town on foot, you will probably be better off on one of the many graffiti tours to learn everything about the history of the most random scribbles to murals by well-known street artists.

3. La Candelaria 

Bogota is a city that has an abundance of colonial buildings, given its history. While these can be found all around the city, one of the best places to find them would be the historical neighborhoods. One such neighborhood is the La Candalaria which has an abundance of historical buildings from end to end. Rich in Spanish architecture, bright colors and elaborate decorations, these colonial buildings make for a picture-perfect shot. In addition to these building, one can also find plenty of museums, libraries and more in this part of town. 

4. Cerro Monserrate 

There are many hilly areas all around Colombia. One of the most iconic and important happens to be that of Cerro Monserrate. Rising 3,152 meters above sea level, it is a mountain situated a short distance away from the city and one that has a great view of it, during the day as well as night. Initially only accessible by walk, the place can now be accessed by an aerial tram or funicular. At the top of the peak is a shrine as well as a few restaurants and bars.

5. Museo Nacional de Colombia 

Situated in a prominent part of the city is the National Museum of Colombia. The museum has one of the largest collections of artifacts from around the country, pertaining to its history and culture. It is a great place for those wanting to know more about the history and story of Colombia, from its beginning to modern times. 

In all, there are plenty of amazing destinations scattered all across the capital city of Bogota. So feel free to roam and get lost in this South American city, for the journey of a lifetime.  

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