5 Amazing Youtube Lifehacks


Youtube is a great application that acts as a window to the whole world. Be it cat videos or blockbuster songs; Youtube has everything. Almost every person knows how Youtube works. But some Youtube lifehacks are still unknown to most people.

Thus, if you are also curious to know about these tricks, read this article till the end. Now there is a list of hacks below. Know about these hacks and become a pro.


If you want to download Youtube videos to access them offline, you need to know about MP3studio. This application has made downloading a piece of cake.

Now users don't need to have special skills to download videos and songs. This platform saves your time from investing in long and complicated ways. MP3studio is a free application, which can download up to 99 videos. You can also convert the format, such as MP4 can be converted into MP3, if you want to listen to the music.


When you see something gif worthy and wish if there was a gif for that, what if I tell you to make it in an instant. You have to go to the Youtube video from which you want to have a gif. Then type "gif" in front of the Youtube web address of the same video.

It will directly take you to the gif maker from which you now have to crop that part. After selecting the portion, click the "trim" button on the top right side.

That's it. You just have made a gif. Isn't it super easy?


Youtube has an automatic transcript feature, and sometimes creators write them. So, when you spot an error and want to see or edit it, you can open it and do the rest.

You can get there by pressing the three dots shown in the extreme right corner. Then choose "open transcript". Finally, you will see the box where you can edit it.

Remember that sometimes creators hide that feature on their video, so you won't be able to see it.


If you want a collection of specific songs on Youtube, you can go ahead and make a playlist. Just go to the video you want to add and press save. Then you can name the playlist, too.

Moreover, you can choose to have that playlist private, which only you can access, or put that in public for people to access it. It is a cool feature to store your music in one place and show it to the world with the same music taste.


If you are a Youtube creator, you might want to pin some comments at the top. There are many reasons to do that. It can be a question to boost the engagement, or a fan has written a beautiful compliment.

Some comments are worth pinning. So, this is how you can in a comment:-

1.Go to the Community Tab
2.Select the comment you want to pin
3.Click more, and then pin

That's it.


If you were not aware of these fantastic Youtube lifehacks, then go right away and use them. These features will add up more fun into enjoying Youtube content.