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5 Attendance Tracking Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you start a business, you abstain from using any biometric attendance software and it is perfectly fine but only until a certain time. Till the time its the core members working towards kickstarting the business, they won’t require an attendance management system as you will already be burning your midnight oil. However, when the employees will be hired for the business to expand, you would require a system to keep track of time. The effort and productivity are really important for a startup and the first step towards it is to make the employees complete their work hours. Otherwise, as long as they know the will get the salaries credited, they will barely bother working.

So, whether you are planning to buy software or are using inefficient software already, you should avoid doing the attendance tracking mistakes that we tell you here.

No attendance policy in place-

You may have communicated the rules for attendance verbally to the team, it is still necessary to write it down and upload the same on the attendance Management software you use. Otherwise, employees can easily evade from any rule you made by saying they didn’t remember or it is not written anywhere. So, make a policy and always include official working hours, leave approval process, work hours required, half day rules, annual leaves, and the consequence of not following the stated things.

Allowing proxy-

You should not leave any room for proxy. Employees can easily manipulate attendance in several attendance systems like register and system logins. They can easily ask their friend to do it on their behalf. Biometric attendance software is the best thing to track time. In this, the fingerprint is used to track attendance and clearly, it is not possible for a friend to have the same print as that of the other.

Not checking the log out time-

Many systems are made in a way that they only take first login into account to mark the attendance. This leads to a lot of disparity in total work hours completed. The employe can leave even after an hours or so and still be marked as a present by the system. This is why it is really important to have an attendance software in place that also keeps a record of the log-out time and the raw punches.

Unclear leave policy-

There should be no disparity in the content written for the attendance policy and the data in the software. If there are 8 holidays then 7 or less should not be marked in the calendar available on the software.

Not looking at the attendance data carefully-

There is a lot of data on the software which you should monitor. Observe the leave pattern for employees to anticipate who is more likely to be looking for job change.

Besides, make sure that your software is good when it comes to integration. So, start using software that meets these requirements aptly and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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