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5 Benefits of Air Purifiers for Dust

A machine that purifies the air. Centuries ago, such equipment did not exist nor cross the thoughts of the older generation. But with the advent of air pollution, air purifiers for dust and other pollutants now exist. At first, only businesses saw the need for it. However, more and more homeowners now turn to these devices for cleaner air at home.

The novel coronavirus forced most of the world’s population to spend their time in their own houses. Most living spaces have little to no ventilation, so they normally trap pollutants inside. As air circulates, so do the dust particles. Unfortunately, these minuscule particulates are home to most germs, mites, bacteria, and even viruses, which cause allergic reactions to those who have compromised health conditions. Also, possibly inhaled gases such as fumes from stoves, fireplaces, and heaters are toxic. The current air purifiers for dust are small wonders of science, reducing allergy triggers at work or home. If you think of getting one for your place, here are some of the benefits you may want to consider. 

Lesser risk of asthma attacks

Most asthma triggers are found at home. These can be anything from dirt, dust, air-freshening sprays, mould, shed dry skin cells, carbon monoxide, household disinfectants, cosmetics, and even hair sprays. Non-purified air contributes to wheezing and damages the airways of a person with asthma. Purifiers remove and eliminate these small impurities in the air. 

No more pet allergens

Pets are like family to most people. But it is in their nature to shed hair and emit odour, which can cause suffering to a person with an allergic reaction. Some air purifiers reduce said allergens, thereby lessening the chances of having an allergy attack.

HEPA filter and activated carbon

How does an air purifier work? Almost all purifiers are required to have HEPA filters, which trap more than ninety-nine per cent of airborne particles. And activated carbon air filters clean and remove gases from VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) that common household products and toxic cigarette smoke release. All air that goes through them is safe and clean.

Eliminates gases and other elements that can lead to lung cancer

Tobacco smoke (and the second-hand smoke that comes from it) is the usual cause of lung cancer and other chronic obstructive pulmonary illnesses. The carbon in the purifier attracts and absorbs smoke and other air pollutants such as high radon gas levels from soil and water. 

Some common household materials, such as pipe insulations, firewalls, and other building materials, contain asbestos. It is a chemical and heat resistant mineral that becomes a health hazard once damaged. Continuous intake can lead to mesothelioma and other incurable and irreversible lung diseases. An air purifier can absorb and remove the deadly airborne particles. 

Reduces carbon dioxide levels

Exhaling carbon dioxide is a normal occurrence for all humans. But when the air is trapped in an enclosed space, it can be harmful to breathe all that back in the body. Too much of it causes headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate, nausea, and shortness of breath. If left unchecked, it can also cause death. Having an air purifier lets you avoid all that by cleaning, purifying, and improving air circulation in a particular area. 

Air purifiers may look like a luxury, but it is necessary in a world where current health practices are being re-evaluated. Having minimal air pollutants in your home or work area will make you live a better life. 

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