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5 Benefits of Giving Discounts When Selling Your Product

Offering discounts is a quick way to get potential buyers to visit your online store. Whenever you offer a discount, at that moment your business gets the attention of many people.

With the reason to want to save money, many people like to hunt for items that are given a discount. However, sometimes discounts make them addicted to shopping and eventually buy things that are not really needed. Therefore, many business people often run discount programs regularly to reach potential customers.

Basically, a discount means you will reduce the selling price of the product with consideration if the sales quantity for the product will increase. Margin will decrease, but the number of products sold will increase. Application of the discount will not hurt you if you do not miscalculate in determining the amount of the discount.

For those of you who run online businesses, discount offers will make consumers visit your online store website and social media accounts. They will look at the products offered. Well, if your discount strategy works, of course, there are some benefits that you will get. Among others:

 5 Benefits of Offering Discounts to Your Online Business

Getting New Consumers

Discounts can make new consumers interested in trying your products. The reason, lower prices mean less risk for them. Instead of buying at other more expensive online stores, they will decide to buy with you at a low price. Especially if the discount promotion period has a time limit, so they have to consider trying your product now rather than missed.

Maintain Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty needs to be given appreciation. You need to pay special attention to customers who have faithfully used your product. Occasionally you can spoil them, one way by giving discounts. For example, special discounts for customers who have shopped more than 10 times.

Increase in Sales

Discount offers will attract potential customers. New consumers will glance and old customers will be interested in returning to shop. If your business is successful, sales can increase rapidly. Many new and old customers will buy your product.

Spending Old Stock

If you have a type of product that you don't want to sell anymore, or you want to spend old stock that is not selling, then you can spend it quickly by selling it cheaper. By giving large discounts, the product is likely to be sold immediately. Hence, many business people who like to give discounts when going to wash the warehouse.

Building a Reputation

You can build a good reputation for your business by doing a discount program. You do this by giving special discounts on special days for certain people. For example, discounts on Teacher's Day for teachers in Indonesia. By giving discounts to teachers who want to shop for your product, the public will judge that you care about the whereabouts of the teacher. People will assume that your business has noble intentions and is not just for profit.

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