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5 Benefits of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Modern transportation systems are much more passenger-friendly compared to their predecessors, thanks largely to advances in transit sign technology. Intelligent transit signs ensure that passengers know exactly where they are at any point during the route while helping them plan their trips efficiently so that they can arrive at their destinations on time.

Smart transportation systems are important in implementing a successful transit service as it brings together all the essential features to ensure a convenient and safe ride. For instance, it will serve as an all-in-one solution that will provide insights on the availability of vehicles, current positions of the vehicles, routes, and rider demands. An intelligent transportation sign is also useful in delivering dynamic information such as routing assignments and schedules.

Intelligent transportation systems can be customized based on your requirements and may include hardware (such as GPS mapping and vehicle sensors) and software that will integrate data on routes and vehicles with real-time changes and static demands.

Benefits of intelligent transportation systems

1. Optimizes transit operations

With a smart passenger information system in place, a transportation agency can reduce downtime, optimize operations, and boost productivity. This is because the system enhances dispatching and route scheduling. A smart GPS sign can provide these same advantages, too. Customer service teams, dispatchers, and managers can have up-to-date and accurate data.

2. Know where vehicles are at all times

An intelligent transit sign can deliver near-instant communication and real-time location tracking features, which can be useful in overseeing and analyzing driver behavior, vehicle performance, and routes.

3. Better level of service

Modern transportation systems may improve ridership because it helps passengers make informed decisions about their journeys. When passengers feel like they are more in control of their journey, their satisfaction level rises. An intelligent transportation sign can help fleets minimize problems such as delayed or inaccurate information on arrivals and departures, thanks to features like route-mapping software, GPS tracking, and vehicle location systems.

4. Helpful for drivers

A smart passenger information system can also benefit drivers as it shows optimum routes to avoid traffic, road hazards, road closures, and other problems. Voice directions can help ensure accuracy and increase safety on the road, too.

5. Analytics and insights

It makes sense for transit companies and fleet owners to have access to tools for measuring and analyzing past performance. Using an integrated scheduling and routing software solution with an intelligent GPS sign may also be beneficial in analyzing data on trips, drivers, and routes to further optimize performance down the line. With reliable analytics, fleet owners and transit companies can make better forecasts to effectively achieve long-term and short-term goals. Smart analytics may be helpful in keeping the company flexible and capable of adapting to changing customer demands, too.

Where to get intelligent transportation systems

Upgrading your current passenger information system to suit the needs of modern commuters is important if you want to offer the best possible services every time.

Several companies offer intelligent transportation systems, but not all of them are the same. It makes sense to trust the solutions offered by an established and reputable company that specializes in making them.

With this in mind, you might want to check out Transign LLC, one of the most trusted names in the transit sign market.

Transign LLC is allied with Passo Technologies to bring a modern transportation sign that comes with many benefits for your fleet, including automatic passenger counting, on-board audio and visual communication and bus passenger information, hands-free operation, and accurate route management.

All these benefits come in a single solution that is flexible and can be configured to suit the exact needs of your fleet. For instance, you can consider implementing the Hands-Free control option to keep everyone safe. GPS connectivity in the LED Destinator EnCompass signage intelligently changes the messages displayed for every exterior and interior signs based on the vehicle’s location so that the driver can attend to on-board passengers, stops, and roads.

Transign LLC also offers a state-of-the-art GPS sign with advanced software and built-in communication devices to improve the safety of the transportation environment for pedestrians and passengers. Moreover, it helps provide a distraction-free and reliable work environment for maintenance teams, directors, and operators alike.

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