5 Benefits of SMS Marketing


When you are looking to promote your business, it can be hard at first to know which marketing channels to prioritise. Have you considered SMS marketing? Not only is it relatively easy to set up, but it can really help to increase your outreach. Whether you are working for a start-up or you have been running a business for a while but are looking to expand, this guide will outline five benefits of SMS marketing as opposed to its other counterparts. Read on now in order to learn all about it. 

1.    Direct Contact

As an SMS message goes directly into the phone of a potential or recurring customer, it gives you direct contact to the customer that you might not have otherwise. This is especially true with certain demographics, such as older people, who may not check their social media pages, email inbox, or letterbox as much, while a text message will immediately show directly on their phone. This direct contact then gives you the opportunity to leverage this contact.

 2.    Add a Personal Touch

By sending an SMS to a customer, you are showing that you take the business-customer relationship seriously. When doing this, it is essential to make sure that you write the name of the customer in the SMS, so they know that they are being contacted directly. This means that you give an intimate and personal feel to your message that makes it feel like, at least for the customer, that they are being spoken to by another human directly.

 3.    Collect Data Easily

With business SMS marketing, you can easily track the data of your customer and find better ways to market to them in the future. You can see who is responsive and why and how that correlates with broader market findings. This data can then be used at a later date when considering future marketing plans or even trying to raise funding through investors.

4.    Can Complement Other Marketing Channels

There's no need for SMS marketing to be the only channel that you take when it comes to customer outreach. Research has shown that it can be a perfect complement to the likes of social media and email marketing. The ways that they can complement each other includefollowing up on an email with a text asking if they have seen itor using that SMS message as a means to redirect them to your social media site or subscribing to your newsletter. By doing this, you are making sure that they are a real customer for life.

5.    Increase Customer Engagement

Customers want to feel like their voice matters when interacting with brands. By sending an SMS, you not only show that you care, but you give the customer an active presence in the business relationship. Make sure that you have someone employed to be able to respond personally to replies so they know that if there are any queries that they might have, you will be able to quickly follow up and redirect them to the right place.