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5 Benefits Of Using Boltless Shelving In Your Warehouse

As a warehouse owner, you’ve realized by now organizing a storage space is an arduous task. Not only will you have to regularly clean and maintain your warehouse, but there are also challenges involving storage solutions. Storing a variety of items can take up plenty of space, and if you’re looking for a more efficient way to solve this problem, you may want to look into boltless shelving.

What Is Boltless Shelving?

Also called rivet shelving, boltless shelving has been used for years in storage and warehouse-type settings. In particular, this system is widely used in distribution centers, retail outlets, and warehouses. As the name suggests, you won’t need any bolts or clips to assemble the shelves. 

Boltless shelving continues to gain popularity among industrial warehouse owners because of its various uses. It’s effective in maximizing storage space and it also comes with other benefits such as the following:

1. Easy To Assemble

Because there are no bolts or other special equipment required, boltless shelving is easy to assemble. A boltless storage rack, for example, can be easily built by one or two people depending on its size. If there’s ever a need for equipment as you erect your boltless shelving unit, it'd only be a mallet. Shelving units are mostly adjustable and there are also vertical increments allowing for flexibility.

2. Customizable

Another benefit of boltless shelving is its customizable feature. Whenever you buy or order a shelving unit, you can expect it to suit your storage needs. Unit heights and levels are customizable, and each level comes in various structures and sizes to efficiently accommodate your items regardless of size.

Whether you have a small or large warehouse space, boltless shelving can be easily modified and manipulated, so it can easily adjust to what your warehouse requires. One boltless shelving option to consider is the wire mesh decking, which provides closed shelving without making it less visible. There are also other decking options like metal shelves, wire grating, melamine, and particle board.

3. Durable

As you keep up with the challenges of organizing your warehouse, you’re also in charge of making sure your shelves and other warehouse tools will last long. Since boltless shelving units and parts are mostly made from steel, durability is one less thing to worry about. The steel material allows them to be extremely durable while also making sure there’s enough support to handle and store heavy loads.

Not only will boltless shelving units withstand the weight of any items but you can also expect them to last longer. This translates into a more cost-effective storage solution for your warehouse.

4. More Storage Space

Compared to pallet racking, boltless shelving provides more storage space for your warehouse. This is because boltless shelving can be assembled and placed more closely together, thus increasing extra floor space in your warehouse. With the extra area, you can accommodate more items or maybe put up a small office you’ve been wanting to have. 

5. Flexible Storage

One of the most common problems warehouse owners face is storing delicate items. When not stored properly, fragile items are prone to damage and breakage. With boltless shelving, you can be assured breakable items are handled and stored properly. No matter how unique or fragile your items may be, boltless shelving is the storage solution you need to handle them.

You no longer need to stack your items in pallets or boxes. Simply store them in boltless shelving units and level them appropriately. May it be computer parts, bulky items such as carpets and fabric rolls, or breakable items like wine glasses and big vases, you no longer have to worry about unnecessary costs possibly incurring due to breakage. 

The Storage Solution For Your Warehouse

Boltless shelving can be the answer to your warehouse storage problems, whether it’s space, flexibility, durability, or ease of assembly and access. Additionally, boltless shelving units are more economical compared to other shelving systems such as the pallet racking system. The reason is simple: boltless shelving involves very minimal parts, and because of its industrial material, it'll last longer than any other shelving or racking system. 

It’s affordable, long-lasting, and can provide more storage space for your warehouse. These benefits are more than enough for you to consider boltless shelving for your business. With increased storage efficiency and productivity, it’s more likely your warehouse will become more profitable. 

Try boltless shelving today and you’ll see why it continues to become one of the most popular shelving systems among warehouses and distribution centers.

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