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5 Benefits of Using Custom Packaging for Your E commerce Business

Today, almost everything is tailored to our liking. Ads are being targeted to a specific audience. Instagram only shows updates from our favorite accounts. Even our Starbucks coffee can be customised.

This rings true for product packaging. For businesses, having custom packaging for their products personalizes the whole experience. It creates a certain connection with their audience.

Whether you own a retail or wholesale online business, offering personalized product packaging can benefit your brand in the long run.

Why? Learn a thing or two from these five benefits.

Why Invest in Custom Packaging for Your E commerce Business

1.       It makes your product stand out.

If everything was wrapped in the same packaging, customers won’t be able to differentiate your product from the rest. Having custom packaging will help your product stand out from the competition.

Even if you have the most awesome product in the market, nobody will buy it if it comes in a generic box. In fact, 67% of consumers say they’re influenced to buy a product because of its packaging.

Give your product packaging a touch of your brand colors, logo, and personality, and you’ll start to see customers stopping to consider it and giving it a go.

2.       It boosts your marketing.

A custom product packaging doesn’t only grab attention; it can also be a marketing tactic that lures conversions.

An on-point example is Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign, which was an international success in branding history. The soft-drinks company redesigned their bottles, replacing the Coca-Cola logo with a popular name in a certain country. Even generic nicknames were included.

Because of their iconic brand aesthetic, everyone knew it was their product. But more people bought it because they felt even more connected to the brand. After all, their names were stamped on their Coke bottle.

3.       It tailors to your industry.

Generally, the whole point of custom packaging is that it is tailored to your brand and the industry you’re in. It ensures that your product meets the industry standards, as well as the safety and health regulations it requires.

For example, if you’re selling makeup as retail, you can’t just buy a generic box for every piece of makeup you sell. Different types of cosmetics have different dimensions and packaging needs. A compact won’t fit in a lipstick box and vice versa. Make sure to get custom cosmetics boxes instead.

Aside from beauty products, other industries that benefit from custom packaging include food, beverage, health, and household. 

4.       It helps maintain branding.

Brand consistency increases revenue by an average of 23%.

And product packaging is one way of keeping your brand intact. Instead of going for plain, label-less packaging, consider getting custom packaging with your branding slathered over it. Your brand logo, colors, and fonts—everything your brand’s about should be in there.

People are more likely to absorb your brand values and establish a connection if your brand is presented consistently. When they do, they’re more likely to make that purchase.

5.       It helps support a cause.

Most consumers are likely to buy products that are in paper or cardboard packaging. As information becomes easily accessible, people are becoming more conscious about how they’re contributing to the environment. As much as possible, they’d prefer products that are environment-friendly and sustainable.

Whether or not your brand is eco-conscious, this is something to take into consideration. Aside from being earth-friendly, paper and cardboard packaging seem more premium or high quality as compared to plastic.

Consider other sustainable materials for your packaging. Some viable alternatives include glass, bottles, jars, and pouches. Just make sure they still fit industry standards.

Let’s get started

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of custom packaging, it’s time to take the next steps.

Custom packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. A pro-tip would be to order your packaging in bulk to earn the best deal. You can also offset the costs by increasing product prices to a minimal amount. This will accommodate the packaging cost. Make sure the slight increase is worth your customers’ extra bucks by putting in extra effort to your custom packaging.

If you want to boost your eCommerce business, having custom packaging for your products is the next big leap.

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