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5 Benefits of Using Landing Page Builders

Having well-designed landing pages results in securing more leads and customers. This means landing pages are an integral part of every marketing campaign to make your business grow. But it can be challenging for small businesses. This is where access to a great landing page builder comes in handy. Such software not only makes it easier to design professional-looking pages but also provides other useful features to drive more traffic and generate more leads. As a result, brands and organizations create, edit, test, and publish custom web pages even without having basic coding skills and expertise.

Benefits of a great Landing Page Builder

With help of custom landing page builders like Convrrt, business settings, and marketers can create, test, and launch high-converting landing pages without hiring professional web developers. Here are some benefits of using a great page builder.

Ease of Use

Landing page builders are software that allows businesses and online marketing professionals to easily create, modify and launch pages. There is no need to hire a professional web developer or learn coding skills to design pages when you have access to a page builder. By doing so you can amazingly boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by linking landing pages to different marketing techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, or PPC ads.

Professional Looking Templates

Landing page builders provide their users with so many tested and tried templates to create landing pages with great UX. In this way, business owners and marketers can quickly turn their marketing ideas into attractive landing pages. All they need to do is just choose an appropriate template according to their product or service and put their own details into the template. It helps them design, modify and launch pages within a matter of minutes instead of spending hours on coding and programming. Professionally created landing pages help visitors focus more on useful information about the product or service and lead them towards conversion. Templates are also created with strategically placed CTAs to help visitors take a required action easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Easy Integration

The best thing about page builders is that they can directly combine with different web development frameworks and CMSs like WordPress to create awesome pages. Businesses can also integrate their business solutions like customer management system software into page builders for enhanced user experience. Furthermore, integration of data analytics tools like Google analytics into landing page builders is also very easier to monitor visitors and other patterns to improve marketing endeavors.

Increased Leads and Sales

Landing page builders allow marketers and business owners to create landing pages to provide their users with a more persuasive experience. Some page builders also come with smart optimization features so they can perform better in search engine result pages to drive more traffic. This can result in an increased conversion rate and save a lot of marketing dollars.

Launch Marketing Campaigns Faster

Landing page builders are drag-and-drop software that is used to create landing pages just by putting details and information into ready-to-use page templates. By using drag and drop features, marketers and business owners can create, optimize and launch pages in no time. Page builders come with professional-looking templates with advanced features and options. By getting pages designed quickly, marketers can launch campaigns faster than ever before. Page builders are also designed to meet all skill levels and scale individual business needs effectively so they can modify and relaunch their campaigns conveniently.

Better Marketing Strategies

Landing page builders allow marketers and business owners to create and launch better marketing campaigns to turn potential customers from any traffic sources like a search engine, social media, or emails into qualified leads and valued customers for your brand. They come with a variety of features like building an email list, register people for webinars, launch digital products and so on that can boost your overall marketing & advertising endeavors. A good landing page builder also provides an A/B testing feature so marketers can test and fine-tune the campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.

Furthermore, you can also integrate different online marketing tools into page builders to enhance different digital marketing strategies to achieve chosen marketing goals and objectives without spending extra bucks. Several landing page builders can be integrated directly into a variety of web designing infrastructure and CMSs(content management systems) like WordPress to create a unified user experience, and data analytics solutions like Google Analytics to keep an eye on visitor behavior on different landing pages.


Since we are living in a digitally connected world, a landing page builder is an essential component of every digital marketing toolbox. Getting a landing page builder could be the best and fertile investment that you make for your business to make it grow and stand out. However, you should choose the right landing page builder that offers all the necessary features and options required to create high converting pages.

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