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5 benefits to using far infrared saunas

Traditional types of saunas use the method of splashing hot stones with water to create the hot steam people sit in. Modern saunas such as with MiHigh use something known as far-infrared heat panels. They create a more effective means of heating and more people are taking advantage of an infrared sauna in Point Pleasant because of the benefits they offer to their health.

Five of the top benefits

1) It can help you lose weight

One of the popular benefits of regular use of an FIR sauna is that of weight loss. If you are looking for help with weight loss in Brick, you might want to check into local options for far infrared saunas. Being in one for just 20 to 40 minutes a day is best. At temperatures above 100 degrees, Fahrenheit fat becomes water-soluble. This means as you sweat in the sauna you can sweat out the fat! Even people struggling with weight loss plateaus can see results with an infrared sauna. What is important to know too is that results are cumulative. So each time you use it, the results build and increase as you also enjoy other health benefits at the same time. If you spend 30 minutes a day in an infrared sauna it can burn off anywhere from 900 to 2000 calories. That is comparative to a six to nine mile run!

2) Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Another benefit is the strengthening of the cardiovascular system which means it makes your heart rate increase, your blood flow increase and your diastolic blood pressure go down. This is a great means of cardiovascular conditioning during each sauna session.

3) A great way to detoxify

Finding an infrared sauna in Point Pleasant is also a good means of detoxification. The heat leads to the capillaries expanding and that starts the process of dissolving toxins in your body. Toxins are in the air we breathe, the processed foods we eat and even in the water we drink. Finding a way to do a regular detox is a good thing. It helps reduce fatigue, signs of aging and boosts your general health and well-being.

4) Boosts the immune system

As well as the benefits of weight loss in Brick it can also help your health by boosting your immune system. It helps to boost white blood cell production and killer T-cells which means the body is better able to fight off colds, infections, bacteria and such. The artificial fever the sauna creates is also a good thing. Fevers are how the body fights off infections, it helps to slow down bacterial and virus growth. A sauna creates something similar. If you notice you are feeling off, using an infrared sauna is a good way to bring the illness out quicker and recover sooner. Using it regularly is a good way to boost your health and lessen the strain illness can place on your body.

5) Great for the skin

An infrared sauna in Point Pleasant is also great for your skin! It keeps your blood circulation high and the heat penetrates deep in the skin pores, cleaning them and helping to rejuvenate the skin. It can also slow down the process of aging and break down cellulite trapped deep in your skin.

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