5 Best Android Apps Available Right Now


Android phones have a lot to offer. One of the best parts of owning an android phone is that you get access to numerous apps that help to make your life easier. There are many apps, from shopping to GPS and food delivery in android. They make sure that none of your requirements goes unfulfilled. All you need to do is to download the concerned app, feed the details, and your work would be done in no time. Every year the list of best android apps vary. Sometimes it the physical circumstance that creates all the difference, and sometimes it’s the interest of people that makes or breaks the fate of an app. This year it was the pandemic that made us prioritise a few apps as per our need. We have listed android apps as per their popularity this year. You can get these apps conveniently at APKDyno. Here are the 5 best android apps available right now.

1.   1Weather

A weather app is a must-have on your android phone. Weather1 is undoubtedly the best weather app available in Google Play Store right now. It has a simple design which makes it really easy to read and understand. It shows you the current weather, forecasted weather up to 12 weeks, radar and much more. It has been proven to be reliable. You’ll be getting a set of customized widgets and also a special display for severe weather conditions. You can virtually see the weather condition with 1Weather. The cherry on the top is the fun fact about the weather that you get with it.

Price: Free / $1.99

2.   Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage that comes with a Google sign up. You get up to 15GB free to save, store and retrieve your documents and media. The speciality about Google Drive is that it comes with a huge line of apps attached to it. These include Google Sheets, Google slides, Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep and some more. The storage is done for each one of these apps. Plus, you can also manually store some data to Google Drive. Additionally, you can as well purchase some more space for a few dollars per month. Google Drive keeps a record of everything that you store via backup and keeps surprising you with ‘a memory’ every now and then, recollecting some special events of your past years.

Price: Free / $1.99-$299.99 per month

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3.   Google Maps and Waze

Thank God Google Maps was invented. How else could we have come out of the Stone Age? Well, humour aside, the discovery of Google Maps was actually a blessing. Every time we went visiting a new place; we ended up asking people at every single lane about the address, didn’t we? Google Maps solves that for you.  Not just the directions, it pretty much has everything that you need to know about the place. This includes the traffic status, time required to reach a destination, nearby destinations, and some more. If you add the Waze specification to it, you would need no other navigation system ever.

Price: Free

4.   LastPass Password Manager

How many times have you created a new password and ended up forgetting it? It happens to almost everyone. LastPass Password Manager is a boon in that case. It is one of the must-have Android apps that let you feed and securely save your passwords. It can as well generate interesting and nearly unbreakable passwords for you. There are several other apps like this but all of them end up crashing many a-times a day. LastPass Password Manager is like your reliable friend. It has all your secrets, and it keeps them safe. Also, the premium version of this password manager is pretty cheap. So you can also purchase it for better security.

Price: Free / $12 per year

5.   Microsoft SwiftKey

Many of us often get bored by the boring keypad that our android phones have, don’t we? SwiftKey is an interesting third party keyboard system that allows you to make your typing experience less boring by customizations. It hit the market a few years back and has been loved by its users ever since. It is free for downloads, and you can also purchase some themes of your choice. It has these amazing features like multiple language support, gesture typing, cross-device syncing and some more that makes this keyboard so interesting and desirable.

Final Words

As long as we have an android phone, we’ll never fall short of some interesting apps that these amazing developers keep releasing every year. We are discussing a few now, but it is also possible that these apps might have got replaced by some better ones, the next time we visit this page. Do let us know which 5 android apps according to you are the best.