5 best App Marketing Techniques


After publishing your app, app marketing is the most important phase. It leads to the desired goal - achieving many downloading apps. The more you use different marketing methods, you have more chances to achieve your goal.

Concluding how to showcase an application can be an overwhelming procedure. There are such a significant number of applications with various advertising procedures, all encountering fluctuating degrees of accomplishment. 

Rivalry is furious, as you presumably definitely know, and over 68% of portable application organizations have a long haul, completely reported application promoting strategy.01 

Building your application isn't the main provoking piece of getting it to the head of the store graphs. With the privilege special methodology, nonetheless, you could be there sooner than you might suspect.

It is all about app marketing strategies which provides you idea - how to market an app after launched.


5 most popular methods of app marketing are below:

1) Create your site at your hosting. Or use free hosting. You can put many contents and explanations on it. Use keywords and description which suits you.

2) After the proper SEO optimization of your app, start promotion on social networks. Start on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. Make sure to post many times on all networks. Inform people about your app. Also write other, educative and informative contents. You can also publish your contents on other relevant high traffic high quality competitive sites for more referral traffic and this process is called SEO Link Building which Search Engines notice and give rank in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) to that page accordingly based on number of sites linked with that site.

3) How to spread the word if you have zero followers? Include the information exchange sites such as AddMeFast.com and Like4like.com. Invest at least 30 minutes per day. Score points by watching recommended sites, videos and tracking other people. Then use these points to your advantage - share your posts to get followers.

4) Advertise your app in as many groups as possible with content like your application. For example, find all groups - communities that use word marketing or android. Subscribe to these groups and post your articles. Somewhere, administrators of these groups will delete your article. But in other places there will be positive comments that can be useful. Look at the profiles of people who posted their articles in these groups. You'll see where and how they advertise their apps, then copy them. When writing an accompanying text, use the '#' in front of the keyword. For example, #android. In this way, you give importance to those words and improve the quality of the article for search engines.

5) Promote the app on the sites which offer to find app users for free. The users will download your app, And the site will pay you later for such a service. The site Ayetstudios.com offers 50 downloads with statistics. You can also choose which country to download the app. The price lower than 0.1 € per download can be very acceptable.

Useful tips for App Marketing

From time to time create and publish a new version of the application. Upgrade it with new options. Track how many new users you have. There are many tools that can help you in selecting other marketing activities. In this way we can increase installations of our newly launched app.

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