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5 Best Beaches in North Cyprus Land

The northern part of Cyprus is very popular among tourists because of its longest summer season. This land enjoys sunshine for almost 10 months of the year and this sunny weather is what most people prefer. If we talk about spending holidays on hot land like North Cyprus then there is no spot better than beaches to spend your time.

In this sunny land, beaches are the topmost priority of every tourist and locals to enjoy their quality time. You would be glad to know that there are many beaches and resorts in the Northern land for you to have an amazing time with your friends and family. What are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at some of the best beaches in North Cyprus.

Top 5 Beaches in North Cyprus

There are many types of beaches in different cities of North Cyprus, every beach is equipped with all of the latest and required facilities one could ask for. Let’s have a look at some of the best beaches in North Cyrus.

  • Acapulco Beach

  • Camelot Beach

  • Escape Beach

  • Karpaz Beach

  • Glapsides Beach

1- Acapulco Beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches located in Kyrenia. Kyrenia is a very valuable and fine area with respect to the advanced infrastructure and properties in Northern Cyprus. There are all kinds of basic facilities available on this beach like water slides, swimming pools restaurants, and many others. This beach is like a center of attraction in the whole of Kyrenia that grabs the attention of hundreds of tourists every year. So, if you are staying in Kyrenia then you should visit this amazing beach to enjoy your time with your friends.

2- Camelot Beach

If you are looking forward to enjoying family time on the beach then this is the beach that you should visit along with your family or children. The environment of this beach is very friendly and quiet enough to let you relax with your partner or family. All required facilities like showers, lounges, private beaches, swimming pools, umbrellas, etc provided. The amazing thing about Camelot beach is that this beach is also located in the area of Kyrenia.

3- Escape Beach

Escape beach can be considered as the third most fine beach in the Kyrenia of Northern land of Cyprus. This beach is known for enjoying parties and different gatherings at night. This beach has a lot to offer like private parking areas, toilets, swimming pools, high-quality restaurants, and other facilities. The club restaurant of the beach facilitates many tourists and locals to spend their time at night as well without any kind of restrictions. This club restaurant stays open on the nights of Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to let people enjoy their weekend.

4- Karpaz Beach

Another amazing beach that you need to explore out is Karpaz beach. This beach is like one of the unexplored beaches of Kyrenia. All kinds of beach facilities have been provided for all visitors either local citizens or tourists. If you want to get relaxed at the end of the weekend then there is no beach better than Karpaz beach. That golden sand and smooth air will let you feel totally relaxed so you can get rid of all working tensions.

5- Glapsides Beach

Glapsides beach is one of the most popular beaches in Famagusta. If you are not familiar with Famagusta, this city is known for its high-quality restaurants and beaches offering a lot of business and tourism opportunities in North Cyprus. This beach in Famagusta is located right beside the road that leads to Nicosia which is the capital of North Cyprus. We would suggest you rent or buy any property in Famagusta so you can cherish all the other beaches of North Cyprus as well. You would be able to enjoy showers, sun umbrellas, bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, and many other facilities on this fantastic beach


North Cyprus land is emerging as the top hot spot for tourists in that region. Every beach is equipped with high-quality and standard services in order to facilitate visitors. All top five beaches in North Cyprus attract thousands of tourists from different parts of the World. These beaches from Kyrenia and Famagusta are contributing a lot to the economy.

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