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5 Best Ebook Readers For PC

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Ebook readers are applications that allow one to read ebooks on devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Kindle, etc.

It is no more surprising that a lot of persons now prefer reading books on their computers to the printed versions.

This is because there is hardly any book on any subject of your choice that you won't find on the internet. Even though some of them are not free, there are still platforms to download paid books for free.

To be able to read any of the ebooks, you will need an ebook reader. Hence, In this article, I will be showing you some of the best ebook readers you can find on your Windows computer.

1. Kindle For PC

Kindle for PC is a darling for many people who love to read ebooks on PCs. It is the official Amazon software for ebooks and with Amazon's pedigree, quality is not a problem.

Books are available on Kindle in millions but to be able to use Kindle, you must purchase it on Amazon. After this purchase, you will find millions of ebooks including textbooks; these books are available in English and so many other languages.

 Kindle is compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac computer and there is also a version for mobile devices. Kindle has that smart, stylish interface every e-reader wants.

It is convenient, easy to use and does not contain ads that would affect user experience. When you open the Kindle app, you will be presented with books you saved on your device and the ones saved on the cloud. Apart from the app, Kindle is also available for cloud reading.

Features of Kindle

  • Once a book is bought, it is available to you any time.
  • You can highlight, take notes and add bookmarks.
  • You are allowed to read the first chapter of a book before purchasing it.
  • You can search inside a book to find a word or section of the book.
  • Changing background and font size is another feature available on Kindle.

2. Calibre Ebook Reader

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Ask any e-reader for ebook reader suggestions and Calibre ebook reader would certainly be one of the top suggestions.

Calibre is a very light app, meaning it is super-fast and easy to use. Calibre is open-source and can also act as an ebook management tool, allowing you save and organize your ebook collection in folders for easy access.

Though not as satisfying as Kindle and some other ebook readers, Calibre's interface is good and it allows you easily gain access to your books.

With Calibre, you can design how your books are arranged to suit your taste and it also allows reading without any form of disturbance like ads.

Features of Calibre Ebook Reader

  • It supports all windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  • It is easy to share and back up books in your library.
  • You can edit your books using Calibre ebook reader.
  • With Calibre, magazines can be downloaded online.

3. Sumatra Reader For PC

Are you looking for a lightweight ebook reader? Sumatra is an excellent choice. It can be used to open ebooks in different formats like PDF, EPUB, MobiDjVu, CHM and CBR (for comic books).

One good thing about Sumatra is that it does not need to be installed on your PC. You can instead have it on your external drive or cloud storage, giving you the comfort of carrying your ebook reader everywhere you go and using it on other PCs.

 A feature of Sumatra that would excite people reading ebooks for research or academic purposes is tabbed browsing. With tabbed browsing on Sumatra, you can open the browser and make research on what you are reading.

Sumatra, however, doesn't carry out some tasks other ebook readers might offer you. These include bookmarking, highlighting and so on. Also, even though some people might tell you Sumatra runs on Linux, it is mostly known to only run on Windows Is.

Features of Sumatra Reader For PC

  • You can have a list of favourite documents.
  • You don't need to install Sumatra to use it on your PC.
  • It is fast and there are fewer bugs.

4. Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream ebook reader is one of the best for e-readers and it supports files in different formats including PDF, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, CBR and TXT.

It is similar to Kindle, with features that would enable you to change the background, font size and access a table of contents. Icecream ebook reader also allows you know your reading progress, translate texts, add bookmarks and so on.

Icecream would make a very good ebook reader only if your PC runs on Windows OS as you can't use it on Linux or Mac OS.

Also, you can't access some features unless you use a paid premium version of Icecream ebook reader. These features include importing different ebooks at the same time, copying texts and adding notes.

Features of Icecream Ebook Reader

  • You can transfer ebooks from one Windows PC to another.
  • You can monitor your reading progress with Icecream ebook reader.
  • You can easily find a book with the author's name or the book's title.

5. Freda

On the list of best ebook readers is Freda, a software that can be said to be specifically designed to suit Windows operating system (and it looks like any traditional windows 10 app).

Freda is user-friendly, has a nice interface and in the app's settings, you can change font, background and colour. On the downside, Freda contains ads though they will never interrupt your reading.

Features of Freda

  • You can connect it to your Dropbox or OneDrive account to be able to access files on your other devices.
  • It supports highlighting and bookmarking.
  • It has a text-to-speech feature for people who have problems with reading.

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