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5 Best Electric Bicycle Brands In Canada

Electric Bicycle is just a regular bike that is just pushed with the help of motors or batteries. There are some components which are the bike to operate automatically, like some sensors, machinery, batteries, and electronic display are used. The engine in the Electric Bike starts automating whenever the pedals are in the moving position. Electric bikes can be very versatile, and their pedal-assist feature makes it easy to commute daily in urban areas where traffic is unavoidable. A few enthusiasts have been riding them off-road. One of the popular ones out there is the Ecotric Fat Tire. According to Kennith Miller of ScooterAdviser, "the Ecotric boasts extra-thick 20” x 4.0” tires to keep you rolling no matter the weather and regardless of what surfaces you use it on." You can read more on this on

Here is a list of top 5 best Electric Bicycles Brands in Canada:

  1. Cycle Electric
  2. Daymak Inc.
  3. E-Cycle Electric Vehicles
  4. Elite Electric Bikes
  5. OHM Cycles

Cycle Electric

Cycle Electric is a top manufacturer in Canada. They make your Bicycle electric and give an automated ride. They work almost all over Canada, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and all the nearby areas. Their team of repairing the electric bike and make the regular bike more automated entirely. Moreover, they give an offer to all the old and latest models. Electric Cycle offers all the ages of cycles repairing for kids as well as adults. For price you can visit at

Daymak Inc.

Daymak primary focus on the lightweight. They work more and more on making the Electric Bicycles light in weight. They don’t only work on Bicycle but also do repairing of the Mobility scooters, bikes, ATVs, and other ridings. Daymak is working on the CO2 Emissions from the Electric Bicycles. They are distributing the Ebikes to all over the World. In Canada, they have two significant manufacturers' stores.

  • 134 Oakdale Rd
  • 15 Curity Ave

E-Cycle Electric Vehicles

E Cycles are the supplier of Electric vehicles and distributing bicycles all over Canada. Their major focusing on the new design of Electric bicycle manufacturing instead of repairing. But some of their departments do construction. They are also working for international branding at high ends. E-Cycles has just grown enough to become the Canada Most expert team od manufacturing the Electric Bicycles. Moreover, the bicycles can reach 32Km/Hour, but with the E-cycles manufactures, your bike can reach up to 45km/Hour.

Elite Electric Bikes

In Canada, the Elite Electric Bikes is working on transforming the transportation on the road in the form of more advanced techniques and technologies. The primary mission and moto statement of Elite Electric is to provide the Environment free from the noise and other vehicles smokes. Their focus on a clean and bright environment by ensuring the smooth and perfect ride on the roads in the form of Electric Bicycles. On the other hand, it will give fresh breathing and a healthy lifestyle. Elite electric has bikes for commercial and non-commercial uses. Electric motorcycles should be rider-friendly, it should be git for your body and Environment.

OHM Cycles

Clean Energy and Healthy Environment is the moto of OHM Cycles technologies. They convert solid biomass into energy and electricity without any harmful effects. They turn solar energy into electricity to save costs. Their departments are working on bicycles repairing and give the riders a smooth and healthy lifestyle. They provide lightweight electric bicycles. All the bicycles are made for regular use, and you can facilitate the electric bikes on the rough surfaces as well.

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