5 Best Facebook Marketing Ideas for 2022


There is no doubt that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. However, getting noticed on the platform is a bit harder these days. Facebook's declining organic reach is partly to blame - so not all of your Facebook marketing tactics will result in success.

Checking Facebook customer Feedback score requires just a few simple strategies, including publishing concise videos and creating various content types. You can achieve your Facebook marketing goals in the upcoming year by adopting these new strategies.

1. Post a variety of content

According to 55% of marketers, content creation is their top priority in inbound marketing. The downside is that it is easy to become stuck. The majority of marketers continue to rely on the methods they've used in the past, even though they leave little room for growth. The 70-20-10 strategy is the first Facebook marketing tip to keep your content marketing dynamic.

-70% of the time, your content must be original.

-20% of the time, share content that's relevant to the interests of your audience.

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-10% of the time, create self-promotional content.

2. Change the template for your business page

For maximum benefit from your Facebook page, you must be operating from the correct type of business profile. The old way of opening an account and posting isn't enough anymore. Optimizing your account is also essential.

For business pages, Facebook offers several templates. Marketing templates include various features that align with the goals of businesses and help marketers showcase content. Your most important business information will also be prioritized automatically by them.

3. Make short videos

Consumers of an online video enjoy sharing it. In the U.S., 75 million people consume online videos every day, and adding the word 'video' to the subject line of an e-mail can increase its Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 13%.

Digital marketers frequently prioritize video content, so it shouldn't be a surprise. If you want this content to work, keep it as short and snappy as possible. The probability of completing a video is higher if it's under 21 seconds on Facebook. In addition, nearly 50% of videos are viewed on mobile devices.

While eating or taking a break, it suggests people scroll through their feeds casually. To save time, they like shorter videos. Additionally, studies suggest that videos within 2 minutes are most engaging, so that's a good benchmark to aim for. A good Facebook marketing tip is to start your video with the most important information, regardless of its length.

4. Strategize to include Facebook Messenger

Businesses tend to underutilize Facebook Messenger, even though it can be an effective tool. Especially when combined with chatbot technology, this tool brings a lot of benefits.

Conversational chatbots facilitate natural, conversational communication with your audience. These are handy tools for increasing your customer service efforts since they can be set up with all your products' information.

5. Get the most out of augmented reality (AR)

In Facebook News Feed ads, Facebook recently introduced Augmented Reality (AR) tools. Now users can try on wearable products in their news feed ads, such as glasses or makeup. Moreover, they don't need to run any separate applications to accomplish this.

You may wish to hire outside help if creating AR technology is tricky. You can, however, gain more benefits than you invest. According to a survey by ISACA, 66% of shoppers believe AR enhances their shopping experience.

You can even engage your audience deeper by using AR since you actively encourage them to participate. Feeling involved with a brand may lead you to convert more customers. AR can thus be an effective way for your company to show how its products fit into and improve customer lives.