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5 best investment which you can make in 2020

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It’s good when free money appears in the wallet, which allows you to think about the profitability of various ways of investing, which in the future can bring constant passive income. But if special business plans are developed for investors with great experience and huge capitals, payback indicators are calculated, etc., then for an ordinary average person who wants to make his first (or maybe not the first investment of money), the question of profitable. The investment is quite complicated. Because it is necessary not only to have an income, which is also not just in the modern realities of the economy and the global pandemic, but also to minimize the risks of losing your investments.

In this article, we bring to your attention tips on investing your own funds, as well as recommendations on where you can invest money in 2020 with further receiving the maximum profit.

Music startups

The experience of any industry shows: if a startup is bent in front of the crowd, with a roar and cries, the crowd thinks that now is the time to take its throne. Few people suspect: but this is the fourth such case in a year. Therefore, this is a rather complicated field, but if it is right to build the entire business chain on it, then it can bring good dividends in the future.

If the idea arose to work specifically with the musical environment, the first step should be to get to know the key players in this world. The topics are different, it is presented for review:

  • SoundCloud - A platform for sharing music, as well as streaming.

  • TakeTones - A new generation platform for finding and downloading royalty-free music for everyone.

  • Spotify - Streaming music service.

  • Hello Stage - A modern music community that brings together classical music performers, music event managers, and promoters from around the world.

Every year there are a lot of music startups, as in any other field. Projects appear not only on the topic of streaming or selling tracks, but also marketing for musicians and even startups from the field of the Internet of things and VR. There is a music startup for any trend, and there will be even more.

If you want to get to know these ideas more closely, write “music startups” in your browser search and gobble up everything the World Wide Web provides.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that starting a business or any investment in the musical environment will entail the obligation to negotiate with record companies from different countries, with different laws regarding copyright. In addition, the level of royalties in any case will be quite high. Levers of control from your business will be with the owners of record companies. Once they raise the size of the contribution, your company will drown. All these factors should be considered when planning a business model.

You need to check a hundred times and make sure that your business model will be profitable before you start diving into this environment. In general, and in short, everyone understands that there are many risks in the musical environment, and nobody just takes on something to guarantee in terms of payback, but you can get into the top ten in this area in just a couple of years.

Gold investing

Buying gold bullion can not only insure savings against inflation, but also make a profit. Such an opinion exists among experts on precious metals exchanges. But they will only be able to increase their savings if they invest in precious metals for at least two or three years, experts warn, since the price of gold can change dramatically in short periods of time. This idea is an investment without moving the brain. Everything is simple and boring here. However, it must be remembered that if you buy a gold bar at the same price and decide to sell it in a few months or weeks, you may face the fact that it will cost less. Nevertheless, in recent years, the price of gold has risen.

The property

Around the assessment of the profitability of real estate, you can break a lot of copies - there are no exact data for a long period, economists have to contrive and calculate a variety of indices from indirect data, which sometimes casts doubt on the reliability of the conclusions.

However, according to all estimates, the main return on real estate should give rental. At the same time, you can see the result that real estate looks even more profitable than stocks, and at the same time you always have square meters on you.


All of the most significant private art collections were created during economic crises, which means it's time to buy antiques. In a crisis, in our case, under the influence of a pandemic, in the art market you can buy real masterpieces at a low price, which previously could not even be seen. "The reason is clear: people need money and put up for sale unique things that they did not want to part with before.

It is recommended to buy such things in auction houses with a reputation and large galleries that specialize in painting, so as not to fall into deception, fake or fraud.


Agribusiness remains one of the engines of the economy worldwide. It has an export orientation and high profitability. Given that since 2014, despite all the negative factors, investments in the agricultural sector have increased by 81%, agriculture continues to be the engine of the economy and an extremely promising investment industry in any country.

If you want to find a really good investment object, it is better to turn to professionals in this field who will help you find an exclusive offer and comprehensively accompany an agribusiness purchase and sale transaction to improve your investment.

Everyone should decide for himself where to invest the money, because there can be no advice or instructions. If you liked the idea of investing, then invest only in the area that you like best and in which you see the future. Investments can bring good results, it is only important to start.

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