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5 Best Living Room Lighting Design Ideas

Lighting not only plays the most basic role in lighting, but also adjusts the atmosphere to create a bright and happy atmosphere or a warm and ambiguous atmosphere. In the family, the lighting design is particularly important in the living room. The living room belongs to a public space in the home and plays multiple functions such as hospitality, entertainment, and communication. Therefore, different lights need to be interwoven to meet the diverse demand.

So what are the tips on living room lighting?

The living room lighting matching skills

Main and auxiliary

Generally, a living room needs to be provided with a main lamp, which can provide a large area of lighting for the living room, and also has a certain decorative effect.

The central design of the main lamp can be a ceiling lamp or a pendant lamp. The specific style can be determined according to the overall decoration of the living room.

Because the main light has a single light source and the light is monotonous without change, it cannot meet the diversified light requirements of the living room. Therefore, it can be appropriately matched with some auxiliary lights on the basis of the main light for local lighting and can meet different functional requirements. .

Auxiliary lights generally include wall lamps, down lamps, table lamps, spotlights, floor lamps, and strip designs. Among them, spotlights, wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps are regional lights. The size of the lamps is relatively small, and the illumination is not high, which can meet local requirements. Lighting requirements.

The downlight is a common light in the living room, which can make up for the single light source of the main light and make the space light uniform. However, if the living room does not have a main light, then the downlight can be used in combination with other auxiliary lights to meet the functions of lighting and decoration.

The most important role of the light strip is the decoration function, which can also be used as local lighting, which can enrich the light in the living room and enhance the change of light and shadow between light and shadow.

Even illumination

The basic lighting of the living room must ensure the uniform illumination of the light, especially when the main light is used, and the brightness difference between the top and bottom in the entire living room space must be avoided. The uneven brightness will make the living room appear too dim, which will cause Discomfort.

Under normal circumstances, the warmth of the living room lights is most suitable. The color temperature during the day can be maintained between 5400-6500K, while the warm white light can be used at night. The color temperature is generally lower than 5400K. It is best to use a standard temperature of 2800-3200K. White light source.

In addition, in order to maintain uniform illumination in the living room space, it is also necessary to pay attention to the installation position of the lamps. If the main lamp is a pendant lamp, the hanging height of the pendant lamp can be determined according to the height of the living room. It is not appropriate to choose overly complicated and gorgeous chandeliers, and at the same time, the hanging height should not be too low, otherwise it will produce a sense of depression.

Of course, in addition to the position of the main light, the installation position of other auxiliary lights also needs attention. It can be determined according to the size of the space, the coverage of the main light source, and the layout of the furniture.

Uniform style

Although the living room lighting is mostly warm white, it can also be matched with other richer light sources according to the overall home improvement style, such as warm yellow light, orange light, cold blue light, and purple light to create different colors. Home atmosphere.

The warm colors are soft and the colors are dim, which can shorten the distance between family members, which is warm and comfortable. The cold colors are hard and bright, giving a stable feeling.

In addition to the color of the light, the style selection of the lamp also needs to be combined with the overall style. For example, the modern style is simple and stylish. A simple style ceiling lamp and downlight can be used. The European style is luxurious and rich, and can be decorated with gorgeous crystal chandeliers. The Chinese style is ancient and elegant, and the marble lamp with simple atmosphere is most suitable.

In addition, there are novel and unique lamps such as magic bean molecular lamps and handmade glass lamps, which are also suitable for other styles of home environments.

Bright and dark

The main principle of living room lighting is bright, but for different areas and corners, it needs to be combined with specific functional requirements to match the lighting.

For example, the bar area of ​​the living room can be equipped with a small chandelier or a small table lamp, and a small table lamp can be used on the side of the sofa and coffee table. When these functional areas are used alone, these local light sources can be used to create a space atmosphere and form a certain light and dark change Enrich the sense of space.

In the lighting design of the living room, you can also choose to interweave a variety of lights to create an atmosphere.

For example, the combination of local light sources of downlights and wall lights, and the combination of the light strips on the background wall of the TV can reduce the brightness in the space to meet the needs of comfortable viewing. At the same time, the light in the entire living room is different from each other. The light and shadow changes are more flexible.

Moderate quantity

The lighting in the living room focuses on the rich changes in levels, brightness and darkness, but this does not mean that various different lamps need to be stacked on each other, but there are choices, not too many, not too few.

Too many lamps will be too complicated and give a crowded visual experience, while too few can not meet different lighting needs, and even look monotonous.

In addition, there are skills to match the size of the lamps. Generally, a group of lamps with a larger volume can be used as the center, and then other small lamps can be set along the group of lamps to decorate, which not only meets the requirements of different light interlacing Light and shadow change, but also form a patchy experience from the visual.

The living room lamp design matching

Chandelier + floor lamp

TV has now become the main entertainment in the lobby, so when laying out the lighting, we must pay attention to alleviate the visual fatigue caused by watching TV.

For example, when watching TV, if the room is too dark, the strong contrast light easily fatigues the eyes, but if the main light is turned on, the living room is too bright, and the atmosphere of watching TV is destroyed. At this time, you can increase the background lighting and reduce the brightness difference. Of course, if you can put a floor lamp on one side, the effect is better.

Ceiling Light + Spot Light

When gathering in the hall, in addition to using the main lighting, the auxiliary light can also greatly enhance the visual sense of the entire area, so that people will not feel depressed for a long time, and the use of spotlights can also brighten the decorative paintings in the living room. Make it the focus, and at the same time improve the taste of the entire home.

Downlight + Chandelier + Wall lamp

Make sure that every small corner in the living room can be clearly seen. At this time, all the lamps in the hall can be turned on to increase the brightness.Surely lighting sources(lohasled e26 led light bulbs for chandelier) are also very important.

Atmosphere Light

The gatherings among friends and the chat between close friends may add a lot of expectations. At this time, if you can put a few variable color scene lights on the coffee table or corner, the effect is very good, can create a warm and romantic atmosphere, and promote communication .

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