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5 Best Offline Android Games That You Can Play Without Internet

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While traveling to someplace, we might not get internet connectivity, in such situation sitting alone and getting bored is the only solution. But few people who are familiar with some browser games to play offline switch to chrome and there they enjoy a simple game developed by Google. Here I doubt that you might not be familiar with that particular game. So, to avoid such situation we have created a list of the best offline games that you should play while traveling or in no network zone.

Games which are mentioned below, don’t require any Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. You just have to download the apk file or can download them directly from the App store and can enjoy them forever.  Some of them are best offline Gameloft games.

Offline Android games


It's a very simple yet elegant game. Badland is a 2d running game in which you have to run across trees and other hurdles. Basically, Badland is a jungle theme-based game in which you need to run in order to reach newer levels. Badland supports multiplayer so you can play it with your friends or parents on a journey to someplace. Overall its worthy to spend 190 MBs in downloading it as it a very easy and tricky game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition  

You must have heard about Minecraft either from the internet or from your friends. Minecraft is a platform where you can develop and play games simultaneously. But in Minecraft pocket edition, you can only play games. In Minecraft pocket edition, you have several modes to play in. In mine craft, you need to survive some bad guys that will come to hunt for you. Minecraft game will cost you 76 MBs of your internet and will give you enough joy and refreshments.

Shadow fight 2  

If you are fond of playing the fighting game then shadow fight 2 is the best game for you. In this game, you have to destroy your opponent so that you can reach new levels. Shadow fight 2 is among the most appreciated game. Although it requires some internet but you can play it without internet too I.e. in the offline mode. In every level, you will provide some deadly weapons by which you can kill your opponent fighter. Graphics and animations of Shadow Fight 2 are pretty decent and you will definitely enjoy playing shadow fight 2. If you want you can purchase some new weapons from the website developers by paying some amount.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best combination of high-end graphics and some awesome cards. Asphalt 8 is one of the best racing game for Android. Dozens of cars are parked in the parking lot of Asphalt 8 and you can drive them at their respective levels. Asphalt 8 also supports multiplayer; thus, you can again enjoy this game with your college mates or with office maters.

Big Little Farmer

Enjoy the stress free life of a farmer. Grow your crop, cultivate it and then harvest it to get coins and equipment. Right now, Big Little Farmer is the best offline game available on Play Store with most positive reviews. In this game, for entertainment, you need to fight with your opponent or to run away from some sort of monsters.  You simply need to build a farm and need to develop dairy products.  After developing them, you have to sell them to the delivery truck in order to get some money and to add some wealth to your profile which will help you in future when the game will reach higher levels.  This might seem easy to use but growing your farm in the game too won’t be so easy. You have to work hard in order to get the appropriate output. Simply enjoy the calmness of the environment in the game and relax while sitting and watch your farm growing day by day. You must give this game a try.

These are the 5 best offline games that you can download in order to enjoy games in no network zone or while traveling. All these games are best in their respective categories Thus, you will surely enjoy playing them.  If you are planning to record the games and edit the games then you can use flex Clip Online Video Editor tool.

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