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5 Best Plex Alternatives (2020): What Is Plex?

Plex is a platform which helps to organize its user’s personal video library. For instance, if you have a vast collection of personally owned digital imprints of TV shows or movies then PLEX is software which helps you like your personal digital library. Its user-friendly interface helps you to browse shows in your own library to watch.

Not only does it keep your collection organized, its key feature is that it lets you stream your content to any device that you own and share your library with others. If you’re watching it on chrome you may also face error err_cache_miss in browser. Check out how to fix this error.

Unlike online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, PLEX requires you to have digital imprints of your own.

PLEX is actually a two-part platform. First, the server, the device where all the content is saved and second, client the device on which you wish to stream. It works on all major operating system like: Windows, IOS and it also supports Linux, FreeBSD and other NAS platforms.


Since the primary function of a media centre is to arrange and organise digital content of the user, it must have a user-friendly platform.

Since PLEX allows playback on not only the device where content is stored but many other user owned devices, PLEX ALTERNATIVES should allow play through external devices. Streaming your content on a smart TV should be a necessary feature. And they should also allow multiple clients to connect to the server at the same time.

 In addition to features, cost, compatibility, ease of use are the factors one must consider before choosing PLEX ALTERNATIVE.

Not just compatibility on the server device but on the client, device too is a major factor.

One must also consider how up to date is the PLEX ALTERNATIVE before choosing it. Many media centres are connected to web services so they should be up to date to close all security loopholes.

On the basis of the points discussed above 5 best PLEX ALTERNATIVE for 2020 are: (The serial number does not depict the ranking.)

1. Mezzmo: 

This software was initially a paid service provided by CONCEIVA for windows, but then was converted into a freemium model. The basic model is free for use but to use features like web interface which lets users access the server library through any normal web browser, and other additional features, the pro pack has to be subscribed for a certain fee. 

There is also a paid android app, which basically uses a client app to access content remotely.

Mezzmo also has add-ons for other popular services like:

Ø Mezzmo for KODI:

It’s an add on feature for popular media app KODI. It lets you access your Mezzmo library. It also lets the user bypass the rating and more through pin. 

Ø Mezzmo for ROKU:

Mezzmo for ROKU is an app that can be used along with ROKU media player. It lets you use your MEZZMO server.

Ø Mezzmo for Google Chromecast:

This app lets you play your through your mezzmo library using chromecast dongles. 

Ø Mezzmo for Samsung TV:

This app lets you browse through your mezzmo library using your Samsung smart TV.

2. MediaPortal:

Mediaportal is an open source media centre. Besides other media centre features it has an extra feature of supporting TV cards, which lets you watch your TV through it. In addition to this it is a free of cost PLEX ALTERNATIVE, which combines FM, internet radio with TV stations.

Having plus point of supporting TV cards and customizable interface, the platform is a bit complex and only supports windows and no app for smartphones, tablets, or smart TV’s. But it has some extensions that help in remote access to the user’s Mediaportal library.

Mediaportal lets users decide how they want to categorize their content for example, movies can be sorted by cover, actor or genre and songs by album, artist or genre.

3. EMBY:

EMBY was launched as an open server software, which provides all the services of media centre, from multi device file organization to free of cost media server available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Linux and other NAS systems. After being relicensed, the PLEX ALTERNATIVE is now a closed server platform with open server services being converted to plugins.

This PLEX ALTERNATIVE is also based on client-server model, where the server supports platform like Windows and Mac OS, the client can access the server from a wide range of platforms from, HTML5, Android, IOS, to streaming devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire and gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 and Xbox One. 

While these features are free of cost some premium features such as cloud and folder synchronization, cover configurator and other require an active subscription.  

Some of the additional features are:

Ø Parental Control:  This feature lets you ensure that the adult content doesn't reach the children. 

Ø Cloud Sync:  It lets you store your content on cloud for easy backup, archiving and converting. 


This open source PLEX ALTERNATIVE has some unique functions of its own which lets you keep a track of when and where your new shows or highly anticipated movies are going to release with the help of its calendar function. It also provides add-ons which lets you watch through different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon etc.

The platform not only provides where the content is available its also helps you compare prices for it. Having its plus side some of its down side are where it does not have a function to organise music or photos. 

5. KODI:

This PLEX ALTERNATIVE was originally designed for Microsoft console Xbox as a media player solution. Designed as a basic media centre which organizes all your content, and lets you cast it on with a 10-foot software for your smart TV.

It’s a free open source media centre with add-ons which let you stream through services like, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube etc.

This PLEX ALTERNATIVE is independent of the operating platform, that is, it not only works on Windows, Mac OS, but is also available for Android, IOS and even Raspberry PI.

Having these advantages, it has its downside as it is basically focused on one device by default.

Plex is one of the most easily accessible media centres, this article provides information about what other alternatives for plex are available that don’t hide behind the mainstream media centers.


NOTE: Use of third party add-ons to stream paid content is illegal and is not preferred to be used.


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