5 Best Spotify Alternatives for Streaming Music


Spotify lets you stream millions of songs by different artists from all around the world. You can explore all music genres and listen to various podcasts inside it as well. It has conquered the hearts of many and very useful for music lovers. However, it asks you to upgrade to paid version from time to time to listen to all of the tracks and podcasts properly. You can consider other apps for streaming your favorite music too.

Here are the best Spotify alternatives for you:

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best Spotify alternatives for music enthusiasts. It comes free and lets users discover independent music perfectly. You can even connect with the artists and share your opinion on their tracks. To enjoy nonstop music you may use Soundcloud promotion service. You might like them if you enjoy the remix of songs. Create the playlist of your favorite songs on SoundCloud and share with the world.

2. Deezer

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Deezer is no less than Spotify.  It boasts an extensive collection of songs on its streaming app and is perfect for you. You can listen to your favorite music with the use of this app on various devices such as Mobile and PC. This music streaming app is used in 100+ countries and offers you live streaming programs in Canada. Enjoy the particular favorite and new songs ideally through this app. Though, Deezer comes with paid versions and has ads too.

3. Pandora

Pandora lets you access the desired music and podcasts on both PC and Mobile app. If you wish stream radio through this app, it is free of cost. But, to listen to music without ads, you will have a dedicated amount. You can create your playlist in this streaming app and keep track of your favorite songs. From old to new songs, you can find everything with ease inside it.

4. Tidal Music

Launched by Rapper Jay-Z, Tidal is known for high-quality audio and videos. You can easily explore new songs and the chart-topper through this app. The best thing about Tidal is that it is entirely ad free. If you prefer high-fidelity music and have a stable internet connection for streaming, go with this subscription-based service. It is accessible on the web, Android, and iOS devices.

5. Last.fm

As its name already suggests, the Last.fm is made especially for streaming radio stations. It allows you to check what is buzzing on different radio stations from anywhere. You can check all the artists and music from every genre in this streaming app. Once you start using this music streaming app, it will suggest music according to your musical taste. It has been in the market since 2002 and loved by many.

So, these are the best Spotify alternatives that you can choose for listening to podcasts and music!


Spotify is ideal music and podcast streaming app. But if you desire its alternatives, the described apps in this blog are the best ones for you. Choose any one of them to listen to the best music on the go!

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