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5 Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins

It’s common for customers to shop from stores that give them extra services or value-added benefits. They help businesses gain first-time customers and increase sales, but that’s not where the real money is. The growth for any business lies in its customer base and its willingness to buy from them again. That is the definition of Customer Loyalty.

The question is, how do we increase customer loyalty? 

Do rewards really create loyalty?

Loyalty Programs are the best way to boost customer engagement and increase sales on your WooCommerce store. When you reward your customers with loyalty points and instant benefits, they will likely revisit your WooCommerce store. 


If you own an online business, you can take advantage of several points and rewards plugins that can help you get better sales, better retention rates, and a better customer base. 

How do WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins Work?

Creating a WooCommerce store is just step one. The real challenge is bringing in visitors and traffic so that they can buy from you. While you might be wondering that too seems like a task that is both costly and time-consuming, you are wrong.

Many WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugins not only help you build and manage various types of loyalty programs for your customers but also help you engage the lurkers and visitors that might be a little skeptical about buying from you. Remember, ENGAGEMENT IS A KEY ELEMENT.

Here are some of the most common benefits of creating a loyalty program for your website:

  • Increasing customer retention helps boost profits; 
  • Customer retention strategies are less expensive than attracting new customers;
  • Gather valuable data;
  • Make consumers feel appreciated;
  • Measure loyalty through engagement;
  • Attract new customers.


We have created a list of the five best WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugins to gamify your store and reward your customers with loyalty points. 


#1 myCred (Points Management System)


myCred (Free) is the most powerful points management and rewards-based plugin to gamify a WooCommerce store. You can build various types of digital reward systems like points, badges, ranks, and discount coupons for your customers.


Now you can easily manage points systems and referrals using this comprehensive gamification plugin for WooCommerce stores. Admin can have complete control over users’ points through the WordPress dashboard. It enables you to set an expiration date for the loyalty points that you assigned to your customers. 


Using myCred various premium and free add-ons, you can build a better-performing WooCommerce store through customer engagement. It helps you to initiate brand loyalty programs and grow your loyal customer base tenfold. 


Plugin Features:

  • Automatically reward or deduct points from the user’s balance for interacting with your WooCommerce store. 
  • Create and distribute discount coupons to your users, which they may redeem after accumulating a particular number of points.
  • Reward badges to your WooCommerce customers according to their points history.
  • Reward ranks to your WooCommerce customers depend on how well their points balance is performing.
  • Send a notification whenever customers gain or lose points. 


#2 Gamification For WooCommerce


Gamification For WooCommerce is a (Paid) extension that gamifies your WooCommerce store. It increases customer engagement and boosts the overall conversion rate. Using Gamification for WooCommerce extension, you can build and handsomely manage virtual rewards like loyalty points, ranks, badges, and discount coupons. 


It also enables you to create referral links and empower your existing customers to spread your brand presence in their network. You can multiply your loyal customer base and reward referrers & referrals with every successful purchase. 


Plugin Features: 

  • Reward auto-generated discount coupons to customers who have achieved a better ranking or open a new badge. 
  • The partial payment feature lets customers pay using loyalty pointsand the remaining amount via any authorized payment gateway.
  • Display WooCommerce rewards on your store’s product, Cart & Checkout page.
  • Allow customers to convert their loyalty points into a fixed amount of discount coupons. 
  • It is compatible with the WooCommerce subscription extension.  


#3 YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards


YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards (Free & Premium) is a robust gamification extension that gamifies your WooCommerce store to reward points and instant digital benefits to your customers. 


Admin can reward points to users for purchasing products or for each action they made on the online store. It also enables you to apply various rules based on the user roles. 


YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugin helps you to add a limit to points awarding criteria to specific users. Not only this, you can remove points for refund and order cancellation. 


Plugin Features:

  • Configure your points and awards in a variety of ways.
  • Admins can monitor a list of users and the points they've earned through purchases.
  • Admin can set the expiration date for earned points.
  • WooCommerce customers can avail of points redeem benefits at checkout.
  • Admin has the authority to remove points for cancelled orders or refunds. 


#4 SUMO Reward Points 


SUMO Rewards Points (Paid) is a powerful WooCommerce gamification plugin that allows admin to award points to customers for product purchases, sign-ups, reviews, and social network recommendations. 


SUMO is a type of WooCommerce plugin that lets you reward points at the product level, category level, and global level. It supports simple, variable, Simple subscription, and variable subscription products to reward points. 


Admin needs to enable coupon settings in WooCommerce for the SUMO plugin to work. It is compatible with WPML and translation-ready.


Plugin Features:

  • Members are eligible to send points to other members.
  • Rewarded points have an expiry date.
  • Encashing reward points option is available. 
  • Reward points for social share like (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Redeeming points option can be utilized on the checkout page.


#5 WooRewards


WooRewardsis a powerful yet customizable WooCommerce rewarding plugin. Its intuitive interface lets you set up an efficient rewarding system easily. Not only this, WooRewards provides you a number of shortcodes& widgets options to tailor your rewarding system.


WooRewards generates auto WooCommerce coupons and sends its details to customers through email. It provides you with the unique ability to combine multiple point and reward systems by working together or independently.


Plugin Features:

  • Customers are allowed to redeem points for discounts and free products.
  • Wizard to assist you in building loyalty programs automatically.
  • Layered based reward system to engage customers
  • Easily customize your widgets and emails.
  • Translation in multiple languages is available.

Wrapping Up!


WooCommerce is an ever-progressing online selling platform where hundreds and thousands of online stores are adding daily. If you’re already running a WooCommerce store or thinking about building one, you need to engage your customers for better sales. We have shed light on some of the best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins to make your store attractive enough for visitors and keep them hooked with you.

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