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5 Branding Mistakes That Start-Ups Should Look To Avoid

When branding your business, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Its how the public identify your company so you must ensure that is recognisable and memorable. Making particular errors could take years to overcome and cost lots of money.

Being a copycat. 

The best brands achieve success because they’re unique and creative. There are often similarities between companies in similar industries, however, you are still able to differentiate between each brand. 

Don’t follow another entrepreneurs footsteps as this is one of the worst mistakes you can make, be original and trial something new and creative for your brand in order for it to look unique and stand above the rest.

The name

Your company name is almost the face of the company, it’s like judging a book by its cover and getting it wrong can make all the difference in the world.

When your in conversation about a brand, it shouldn’t be too long or hard to pronounce so that it stops the flow of conversation or difficult to recall. It is a known fact that the companies with too long a name or difficult to pronounce are the worst, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable to say.

Alternatively, some company names are too generic, for example using first names for shops e.g. James’ Fast Food or Graces Tile Shop, they’re not the most unique of names so try to think of a unique name when naming your business.

Lack of commitment.

There has to be unity within a company, business or organisation. This means that all teams within the company need to be informed for it to work. Some members of the organisation might project an image which is totally different to the brand that the marketing team are trying to portray.

In conclusion, the entire company should be involved with branding initiatives to ensure that all employees understand the correct objectives.

You have to commit to one brand identity and ensure its portrayed correctly to customers. Otherwise, it could cause confusion with customers.

Making everyone happy.

Sometimes you shouldn’t give people what they want, you shouldnt cater to the masses. Therefore don’t cater you brand to a trend that could be a passing phase, people constantly change their minds, the image of the brand should be durable and stand the test of time.

And always with a brand, it may look good and be perfect but your products, goods or services need to speak for the brand, it’s no good if the service your offering is poor.

Broken promises.

Consumers hold businesses accountable for their promises, whatever your motto is for your service whether its quality over quantity or reliable and friendly, it should always be delivered. You brand will be negatively affected if you break these promises, down goes your brands reputation.

As a solution, set realistic expectations so that your customers or new clients aren’t disappointed. The points above are likely to be recommendations made by agencies that specialise in brand identity design which is why should utilise the tools you have available. Think strategically about your brand design and how you plan to go about it to ensure that you can gain the best possible results.

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