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5 Budget-Friendly Design Tips for Your New Home

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There are times when designing a new home can be overwhelming. There are so many ways to go about it, so many different styles you could potentially employ. Above all, you want to make the space around you feel like home. So how can you effectively design your home without breaking the bank? Follow these five tips. 

1.  Paint the walls


Painting the walls of your new home is one of the least expensive ways to dramatically change the space. You can completely transform your living area by choosing a new, possibly bolder color for the room, or you can just apply a fresh coat to the current color to update it and make the space feel brand new. 


You don’t even have to paint the whole room if you don’t want to. Simply retouching the moulding and trim in a room can freshen it up. 

2.          Go vintage  


Vintage stores are an essential resource for anyone looking to furnish their home on a budget. You can find cool furniture, accent pieces, accessories, and anything else you need to make your home look wonderful at an affordable price. 


And you can visit more than just thrift stores or second-hand shops. If you’re able to find the items you want on Craigslist, you can usually get them for a pretty sweet deal. 


Another option is to seek out garage and estate sales in your area and go on a tour of those. Show up early with cash in hand to ensure you’re able to snag the best stuff.  

3.          Seek out sales 


It’s still possible to find a deal on the items you’re looking for without going to a thrift store or garage sale. In order to do this, seek out sales by name brands—big retailers often have a sale section on their website where they offer furniture and other items from past collections at a low price. 


You can also find an outlet store where manufacturers sell directly to consumers at a discounted price. For example, at a Hooker Furniture outlet you would get an opportunity to buy pieces from an established, trusted furniture manufacturer for less than you’d pay at a retail store, such as Crate & Barrel. 


Shopping at outlets is a great way to get your hands on affordable high-quality furniture, as opposed to rolling the dice on the random pieces you’ll find in a thrift store. 

4.          Frame your art


Hanging art around your new home is a great way to showcase your own personality and add a little character to your home. And there are also just so many options in terms of what you can put up on your walls. 


While original paintings will probably be expensive, you can usually get prints of your favorites at a pretty low price. You can also visit thrift stores to find an eclectic mix of prints, posters, and paintings that usually cost next to nothing. Of course, you can always go online and find posters of your favorite movies, bands, and so on in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. 


If you’re really on a tight budget, why not make some art yourself? Frame a drawing or painting of your own, or one made just for you by your child or significant other. No matter what kind of art you choose, just be sure to put it in a frame in order to make it look good on the wall. 

5.          Create an atmosphere with accessories 


In designing your new home, use some basic accessories to create a calm and cozy atmosphere that you’ll be able to relax in. Go to the store and stock up on candles to bring a fresh scent to the room, as well as a kind of light that can feel much smoother and more natural than electric options. 


In addition to candles, you might consider placing some live houseplants in your living space. Houseplants can remove certain toxins from the air, positively affect your mood, and work as a great complement to the rest of the room’s furnishings. 

However you decide to decorate your new home, have fun with it! It can be really exciting to furnish a new place, so enjoy the process. After it’s all done, you should have a space you’re proud of and, if you follow these tips, some extra cash in your pocket. 

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