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5 Careers That Continue To Grow

Do you want a new career? Whether you are starting out or a seasoned veteran, finding what interests you is crucial to maximizing your options. Some careers offer financial incentives upfront, while others build upon experience to become more financially lucrative. If you want a job that will pay off in the long run, consider these five career paths. Potential employers are looking for qualified candidates, and these professions are in demand.

What To Consider When Starting or Switching Careers

Finding a job you are passionate about is essential. Being fulfilled in a career leads to overall happiness throughout life. When trying to figure out where to start, you want to look at not only what you enjoy or are naturally inclined towards, but also:


  • Overall job demand

  • The stress level of the career

  • Past, present and projected growth

  • Level of education required


Once you have explored your options, it's time to take the plunge.

1. Financial Services

If you are good with money and find yourself constantly fielding questions from friends and family about it, you may want to explore a career in financial services. This profession lends itself well to anyone with an interest in financial markets, dividends and the bottom line. Jobs and growth in the financial sector are steady and projected to continue on the same path. With this upward trend, it's no wonder that there has been a marked interest in expanding educational options such as masters in accounting online. With technology growing the way it is, and the rising occurrence of at-home schools and jobs, finding a program that will get you into the financial sector should not be a problem. Typical jobs in this particular career track include:


  • Accountants

  • Advisors

  • Investment Brokers

  • Analysts (budget projects)


Almost all of these jobs are present at some level in the public sector. Thus, if you have an interest in government positions, any of these financial services roles should get you there.

2. Education

Teachers are always in demand. Those who have the patience and interest in teaching children will find jobs in school districts across the country. Even virtual schools are hiring in droves. Some people went to school to become teachers, while others decided to switch careers and translate their present degree into a career. Teaching jobs at a minimum require a certification that many can get with an associate's or bachelor's degree. If you want to teach at a higher level, such as college, then you will want to continue your studies and get a master's or Ph.D. designation. With a teaching career, you will likely never have to worry about job availability.

3. Medical Services

Working in the medical field requires a need to provide and care for others. You must be willing and able to go above and beyond for the betterment of others. The type of education required will depend mainly on the kind of career you seek. The growth and demand remain high in almost every facet of the field. Some of the most common positions include:


  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Physical therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Administration


Even if you don't necessarily think you want to work directly with patients, an administration job in a hospital, clinic or doctor's office may prove fulfilling. With the growth of the field as a whole, the opportunities to create a long-lasting career are almost endless.

4. Professional Support Services

If a supporting role is more your preference, almost every facet of career has a parallel supporting role. For instance, if you have always had a passion for the law, you may not want to become a lawyer, but you may wish to explore supporting roles. Paralegals and legal secretaries are tasked with a great deal of responsibility within firms, corporations and government entities. These careers are evolving and growing, allowing for a great deal of opportunity for sustainability and upward growth. Other examples of professional support services are:


  • Veterinary technicians

  • Dental hygienists

  • Billing specialists

  • Administrative assistant

5. Consulting

You have undoubtedly heard of a consultant, but do you know what the job entails? If you enjoy consuming large amounts of data, conducting research and making recommendations for improvement, then a consultant career might make sense for you. A consultant works in a variety of overarching fields, but the most prominent is business. The applications for consulting in the business world include:


  • Improving sales processes

  • Training employees and management

  • Creating strategies for meeting company goals

  • Projecting company growth


The need for consultants is growing as more and more businesses are expanding their product and service base to appeal to a broader range of customers.

The career you choose is seldom permanent. Remember, what you enjoy doing now may not be something you want to sustain to do forever. Being true to your intentions and your desires for your present and future will determine the best fitting career path for you to take.

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