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5 Challenges A Salesforce QA Testing Team Faces With Selenium

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The quality assurance Salesforce is one of the leading providers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, supporting millions of customers worldwide. For salesforce testing, QA teams use certain platforms to perform salesforce testing like Selenium.

 Selenium seems to be the primary method for testing various applications across different platforms in today's world. But what are the challenges faced in Selenium testing? Let's discuss the difficulties QA teams encounter during selenium salesforce testing.

Before the specifics, let's go over the various forms of salesforce testing.

Salesforce Testing Types

Manual Tests

It entails putting salesforce apps through their sprints on the company's official website. In manual testing, testers will use traditional techniques to analyze the applications. The QA team usually uses manual research. Functional testing, positive path testing, integration, system testing, regression testing, and device testing are carried out during this evaluation.

 Automated tests

It entails using a software program to assess the official Salesforce website (or) force.com software. Selenium, QTP, Accelq, and other standard tools for testing salesforce applications are just a few examples.

In either case, testers put salesforce applications through a range of measures. These measures are:

     Unit testing

     System testing

     UAT testing

     Production testing

     Regression testing

There are all examples. Now, it is time to get into the details.

The Challenges in Salesforce App Testing with Selenium

To see what are the challenges faced in Selenium testing, it is essential to understand Salesforce testing with it.

Salesforce testing is like any other web-based application. The testing teams should see all the flexible features that were developed during the testing process.

 Navigation Across Frames

Salesforce is a tricky framework with dynamic frames built into the front end. And this framework can load the content in the current HTML document on its own. As a result, applying Selenium to the frames is a challenging task. It is because it is unable to access the material specifically. As a result, in this case, a switch to a selenium web driver is needed.

To execute the operations, call switch to ().frame (“frame-attribute”). Activities that testers must do from outside the frame, but on the other hand, include detailed guidance to Selenium. Consequently, if the need occurs, we may step out of the frame by following instructions.

Typically, Selenium handles frames, but it requires time and effort to find the right features and texts. As a result, dealing with nested (or hidden) frames becomes more tedious. Many frames are present in a perfect salesforce framework. And a typical 30-to-50-step case may take several hours to code, resulting in brittle codes.

Implementation of Complex Content

Salesforce provides dynamic elements that may not have a fixed ID, name, category (or) CSS attribute compared to traditional web applications. As a consequence, the element locator cannot be hard-coded. Furthermore, a standard procedure for detecting the locator's fixed part is seldom transparent.

Minor UI adjustments from the other end will result in more fractions in the check. Selenium can experience synchronization issues while loading the element.

 Table Management

The Salesforce program has a variety of database-driven panels. In this, testers can dynamically build a row that various tabs can manage. As a result, basic behavior like checking a box will be complicated. And this condition can result in mistakes.

As a result, selecting the active tab can be difficult. Driver.switch_to.window and send_keys, for example, cannot function consistently.

There are definite problems that arise when using Selenium to test the Salesforce framework, but by taking specific preventive actions, you will avoid all of the potential difficulties.

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