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5 Challenges of Gaming Translation

In this tech-savvy world, the success of your games depends upon how you market your games to the players. Marketing the game in the customer’s native language is important. People opt to buy products and services that are communicated in their native language. The same is the case with games. People will download games that are in their native language. Thus, to make games available in the language that game players speak, you have to go for gaming translation services.

Challenges of Gaming Translation

Translation of games is not an easy task. You will come across some challenges in the translation of games. Let’s dive into the 5 challenges of gaming translation.

Looking for Best Target languages

Let’s say you are dealing with an e-commerce business and you want to tap into foreign markets. For tapping into foreign markets, you will see what languages they speak. After knowing the languages, you have to go for website translation services. The same is the case with the gaming industry.

First, you have to identify the lucrative target markets because the success of games depends upon them. Find out the market where gamers are not familiar with your games and competition is not so high. After deciding the target market, check which languages they speak.

According to Lovotrans, the top mobile app games translation languages besides English are German, Chinese, Sinhala, Korean, Japanese, and French. The other lucrative gaming market in Southeast Asia. Trying to know the target market and translating the game into their native language is a very tedious task but if you overcome this problem then the doors for global success will be open for you.

Selecting a Best Professional Translation Company

To provide a pleasant translation company to the gamers, you have to hire a professional translation company. For this, you need to work with translators and localization experts so that you translate the game in such a way that people get engaged with it and they feel that the game is specially designed for them. 

Looking for a professional translation company is another big challenge for game developers.  Do the research and take ample time to decide for which translation company to go for. A professional translation company will keep the original essence of your game even after resonating the game with the culture.

Knowing the Difference between Game Localization and Translation

You have to understand the fact that game localization is a step ahead of translation. Translation of the game is not sufficient. The translation of the game should be done while keeping cultural and regional intricacies in mind. In this way, people will be involved in your game and feel that this game is specially designed for their target market. If the local gamers feel that the gaming environment is real then they emerge in the game making the localization of the game successful. 

To ensure that your translation company provides a high-quality gaming experience, you can provide the translation company with a localization kit. Tell them about the theme and story of the game so that they can do full justice with all the characters.

The Game should Resonate with the Culture

If your gaming translation is having errors then it will affect the entire gaming experience. You can save yourself from translation errors if you consider cultural nuances in-game translation. Therefore, you should select such a translation company that has employed native speakers because native speakers are aware of local culture. 

Translation errors in dialogues, titles, and opening scenes can destroy the game and its story. Cultural differences if not taken into account can make the content of the game offensive. Moreover, it will affect your brand reputation. Therefore, your native translators should be able to change certain expressions, idioms, and jokes that resonate with your target market. Expressions can easily be changed. Therefore, your translators can make a captivating gaming experience with the help of localization.

Be Fast in your Translation and Localization

The game translation is a complex task. Therefore, impeccable gaming translation services take time. To complete your game translation project on time, you should start with the development of the game. Because of quality assurance checks, editing, proofreading, and testing, the translation and localization process will take a long time. Therefore, if you hire a professional translation company then they will use technology like translation memory to speed up the translation and localization process and you will be able to realize your game well on time.

Wrapping Up

A reliable professional translation company will help you to deal with these challenges well. Therefore, be vigilant in selecting a translation company. The success of your game in the global market depends upon how you deal with these challenges. see more

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