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5 Common Small Business Accounting Problems

It already is a difficult task, just starting up your own business, - and managing it for the future is also not an easy feat to achieve. Many new business owners have been a victim to making mistakes when they first start out in the business industry.

Especially when it comes to the accounting side of the business. So here are a few common accounting problems small business owners have had to deal with that you can watch out for if you too, wish to start a business on a good note.

Managing Accounting by Yourself

Naturally, when you have just started your business, it can be difficult to come up with enough capital to do several different things for the company in just one go.

On that note, many new business owners tend to save up on money and take up additional tasks onto their own shoulders- one of the most common on being done in house accounting. Which truthfully does more harm to your business than any good.

Accounting is a very detailed task that requires all of your focus on it. As a business owner, you have more things to deal with than just accounting, so there will be a lot of difficulty in giving balanced supervision to all the areas of your business. Your best investment is to hire an accountant.

Sure they can be expensive, but their expertise can be a long term game-changer for the success of your company. You can find professional accountants at a CPA firm in Paris that can ensure your accounting department runs smoothly.

Moreover, an added bonus is the fact that accountants are familiar with value-added taxes. That means they will be able to recognize and get rid of any additional taxes that are a part of any future project you are planning to take on in the near future. 

Not Recording Everything

New business owners do not really think that recording every purchase and transaction is important. Often many of them neglect on recording accounting data for mostly transactions that do not have a high cost.

This can be very damaging to your accounting department as not recording every single of data can lead to future problems. Especially when it comes to retailers who have to deal with cash on delivery for the most part of their business with different organizations.

Not having a full record to lookup for real-time information can cause problems when it comes to business collaborations with other companies. If you do not know the limits of your budget beforehand, you might end up making deals that lead to less profit as compared to the investments you made in it.

Keeping a record of your accounts can help you understand the financial position of your business. The more familiar you become with your capital status, the more efficiently you will be able to come up with new business ideas that your financial input can withstand.

Not Using Automation

Gone are the Stone Age days where manual labour was the only way we could do anything. Fortunately, we are now blessed with booming advancements in technology that are being made to make our lives much simpler and easier to deal with.

And not making full use of it can be a downside on your part.Automation software is one of the factors that make new business owners hesitate to invest in, and we understand- they are pretty expensive.

And the costs can vary from the type of work that has to do within the company. Which is why owners tend to either do the job of the automation system by themselves or they hire an employee to do it for them. However, as we mentioned before, as a business owner, there is no way you can manage the work of your entire company on your own.

Moreover, your employee does not have built-in knowledge about how to handle accounting problems effectively-unless you hire a professional which would be just as costly as an automation system except the fact that you only need to pay for an automation system once for a long term business benefit.

Save yourself the worry and invest in automation software. They will help in recording accounting data efficiently and without human error and will also maintain real-time information about your account status. Furthermore, you will not have to spend more money and effort into hiring new employees and teach them what little you know about accounting from scratch.

Unclear Budget Plans for Projects

A common mistake that most new business owners tend to make is that they do not put a budget on their projects. Since they are new in the business industry, they do not recognise major factor in many issues during business deals that can cause problems in the cash flow and reduce the amount of profit that can come from the said project.

Say, for example, you plan to invest in a business plan that will take about two months to complete. But for some reason, there has been a delay, and the plan takes over four months to complete. That takes in more investment, and less profit received.

This puts a dent in your accounts because now you will end up having to limit your business plans and might even have to spend money from your own personal savings.

Lack of Communication with Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is in charge of managing your transactional data. But are you sure they are aware of what is financially going on in your business? If you are not telling your bookkeeper about every single financial input and output that is going on within your business, you will be creating problems not only for your bookkeeper but also the wellbeing of your business.  When there are communication issues between a bookkeeper and a business owner, it can seriously hinder the accounting area of your company.

Transactions will not be recorded, estimates of budget plans cannot be made, and you will not be able to make financial improvement plans to your business if you and your bookkeeper are not on the same page.

Make sure that you are informing your bookkeeper about any transactions you make no matter how small they are. This will help your bookkeeper in keeping the perfect record for financial data which will, in turn, act as your guide for any business plans you might be wanting to take on for your business.


Keeping in mind, these mistakes can help people who are starting their own business to be aware of the things that they should watch out for and realize that accounting is the core of a business. If you do not neglect the core, you will promise your business a successful future.

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