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5 Cool Trending Features For Salesforce CRM In 2019

The professionals of big organisations and businesses often face the greatest challenge of data maintenance while dealing with large volumes of customers, sales and support. In that case, creating and maintaining large data sets on a regular basis can be a nightmare for anybody, but thanks to Salesforce! It's CRM suite contains a range of trending tools associated with all kinds of CRM-related issues. It has become a huge hit in all respect for business development and is not just confined to sales and marketing. So, experts always recommend considering a dedicated Salesforce consultant in Australia for developing an efficient CRM system.  

#1: Chatter                            

Being a Salesforce suite user, there are certain features which you would find quite useful even if you don’t utilise it regularly. For instance, the ‘Chatter’. You may not use it daily, but it comes inbuilt in the system and that also at no extra cost. But, wondering how cool is that feature? Well, with ‘Chatter’, you can take be the part of a group discussion or even create a new discussion of your own.

#2: Branded email templates

Then there comes the branded email templates. Businesses require this to send out some common business-driven information to more than one customer at a time. Consequently, it reduces the seller’s work from typing the same details for each of the customers individually. It is one of the time-saving features of Salesforce platform that prevents monotonous bulk typing time and the inevitable errors that would result!

#3: Salesforce in mobile devices    

Nowadays businesses are not just limited to ordinary shops and stores but have stretched their reach to the concept of web-shops. That’s why Salesforce is now available in the mobile devices to help those business tycoons who are always on the move. With the Salesforce mobile software, you can get access to all the necessary details at your fingertips sitting anywhere at any time.

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#4: Dashboards                                                          

Sorting and managing credentials is another major headache that the business management deals with. However, Salesforce feature- ‘dashboards’ allow you to organise data exactly the way that you want. Like the branded email templates, dashboards facilitates its user to get a direct view over all the relevant data without consuming much time searching for it.

Here are some of the types of data that you can track on dashboards:

  • You can display data that includes sales figures, the number of successful conversions, leads

  • You get to decide how the data should be displayed – as horizontal bar diagrams, pie-charts, funnel-charts, among others

#5: Email syncing  

Now you can sync all the business credentials with email syncing feature on Salesforce so that it is sent automatically to the required recipient. It saves a lot of your time from cutting and pasting similar details over and over again. Another good thing about the Salesforce framework is that it supports Microsoft Outlook and has solutions for Gmail and other third-party email clients.

To conclude, Salesforce has a host of cool features that smoothens the CRM system and makes the task of data management less of a nightmare. Haven’t used any of these features for your business yet? Contact GetAProgrammer at once for a great time to get started!


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