5 crazy Remodeling Ideas for Homeowners


Thinking of remodeling your home for an amazing change? Get rid of the boring simple home decorations. Stand out in the crowd and leave then stunned watching your creative and unique ideas for the interior adornment of your home. Thinking of something insane will surely impress the visitors with the exceptional arrangement of your house. Are you wondering what crazy thing can be done for remodeling your old house? Do not worry we are here to grab a string on insane home remodeling ideas.

A Lowered Level Drawing Room

While renovating your home floors whether due to worn out tiles or installation of floor heating system, you have a chance to excavate and deepen the lounge section to give a lowered level conversation pit. A warmer cozy deep section of your drawing room will give you a perfect feel of settled down chat and rejoicing moments.

Under Staircase Remodel

You can use the space under your staircase for something very useful and space utilizing idea. It can be converted into a bookshelf for keeping your books in a place which was left unused before. If you have a pet dog, it is the best idea to make a dog house under your staircase. You can make shelves and install a door to hide a shoe rack behind the panels. A cornered book reading seating under the staircase is also a great idea for the persons who love to be in a safe sheltered corner.

A pillowed Chat Room

You can turn a small room into a cozy comfortable floored and cushioned conversation room where you can spend long hours with your siblings and friends and have an uncut endless chit chat. Carpet that room with soft fluffy looped surface carpet. Place pillows and cushions on all the corners to help everyone settle in a cliquey surrounding. Get heated floors by Heavenly Heat into your personal and comfortable dialogue room to augment the coziness.

A Cinema like TV lounge

You can make a customized home cinema in your remodeled TV lounge. Turn the walls black or use any other dark deep colors, install dim lights, place comfortable and soft sofas and set a reachable from all corners center table. Add some inches to your LED screen size and enjoy the cinematic experience at your own home. Your friends will also be excited to join you for a movie at your place with this innovative visual experience.

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Disguised Room

Isn’t it exciting to have a hidden room in your house? No one can grasp that there can be a room behind a bookshelf or a wall with family photos hanged over. Conceal the door opening by making structures like a rack, a painted wall or a fireplace in the front of it. You can spend quality time with yourself in your secret room without getting disturbed.

Modified Terraces

Turn your terrace into an outdoor bonfire place by installing slabs around the guardrail for sitting and placing a fire pit in the center. You can also make an elevated and transparent swimming pool on your terrace.