5 Creative Design Trends for Your New Kitchen


Decorating your new kitchen can be a thrilling prospect. After all, the kitchen is where you prepare meals, grab snacks and drinks, and gather with loved ones. And if you’re even remotely stylish, you want a kitchen that will match your trendy aesthetic.

If you came here looking for the latest and greatest kitchen trends, do we have you covered! Stick around to learn all about the five creative design trends for your new kitchen. 

1. Color, Color Everywhere

If you want a trendy kitchen, do not shy away from color. And we mean serious color, as in furnishings, walls, ceilings, you name it. Neutrals and stark black and white contrasts are not current kitchen design trends. You need to embrace at least one, if not several, colors and run with it.

We see this color trend everywhere in the kitchen, particularly with:


Cabinets are no longer the dull wood or white-painted storage units you remember from apartments and homes past.

Professional designers are wowing their clients with colored cabinets. They serve as their own chic and exciting statement pieces. And because kitchens have rows of cabinets, not just one, for the most part, it becomes its own repeating row pattern, as opposed to a single pop of color.


If you have a kitchen island, odds are, it is in a neutral tone. 

To make your island on-trend, paint it a beautiful color that you’ll love year after year. 

Not sure which color or colors to choose? 

We adore all the 2021 colors of the year by Benjamin Moore. You can buy and use these paints throughout your entire home, but they’d look particularly smashing for your island, in the heart of your kitchen.

If you don’t have an island but have space for one, buy one that’s already colorful, and then half the work is already done for you.


Wallpaper is making a massive resurgence in home decor trends, and right now, in no room more so than the kitchen.

People cover their kitchen walls, cabinets, and even their range hood in kooky patterned wallpaper. It’s a fun way to add not only color but patterns and texture, too.

Even Ceilings

If you choose to keep the rest of your kitchen in more calm tones, go wild and paint your ceiling a bright, unexpected color.

Be sure to use waterproof paint, as the kitchen can be one of the most humid rooms in your home, and it will prevent mold and fungus growth. And unsightly mold patches are not our idea of a trendy creative design statement! 

2. Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta is a type of earthenware known for its cinnamon-rust hue. It has a color so distinct that the shade name itself is terracotta.

Terracotta earthenware has been around for centuries, in homes across the globe as a wall and flooring material. And it’s making a huge comeback right now as the trending choice in kitchen floor tiles.

So what’s so wonderful about terracotta? 

It is a less expensive choice than other floor tile options and lasts forever, especially when sealed. It also adds a definite warmth to the space, unlike other flooring choices that can be colder and less welcoming.

Laying your own terracotta tile is not a great idea for a DIY project, though. Most designers recommend hiring professionals when it comes to terracotta floor tile installation.

3. Contemporary Rustic

Everyone loves beautiful rustic decor. We’ve seen it in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms many times. And right now, it is a super trendy aesthetic in kitchen design. 

Well, modern rustic is, at least.

So what does that mean? 

Think reclaimed wood tables and cabinets. Brick walls, warm pendant lighting, and copper and steel accessories.

Contemporary rustic kitchen design is endearing and a brilliant idea if your goal is to create an overall warm and inviting space. And who isn’t trying to achieve that?!

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving refers to shelves that store and display your trinkets out in the open. Which is why floating shelves and hutches are notable trends in kitchen storage.

The idea is to have all your lovely dinnerware, pots and pans, and cooking accessories on display, not hiding behind pantry and cabinet doors.

Interior designers are also adding retro plate racks into the mix. They affix to the wall and store your plates vertically, more like books than traditional stacked plates in cabinets. Plate racks are just another fun excuse to add pops of color and your own taste to your kitchen decor.

5. Sinks That Make a Splash

The sink is the most functional place in your kitchen. It’s where you wash your hands, the dishes, and your produce.

So you may not think that it can be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but that is so a kitchen creative design trend right now.

Trendsetters are flocking to home design websites that sell stunning sinks in more modern materials. Kind of like this granite basin with a black finish.

Pair that with bronze-finish faucets and a colorful backsplash, and you have one on-trend and ultra-charming sink area.  

Who knew that could be a thing?


Decorating using these top creative design trends is a brilliant way to make the best use of your new kitchen. You don’t have to use all five. But you can, and it would be absolutely incredible. 

No matter which of these trends you choose to implement, remember that it’s still your kitchen, and designing it should be fun. It’s a celebration of your exceptional style and a lasting tribute to the fantastic memories you will create there.

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Evolve South Bay with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making Evolve South Bay the place to call home.