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5 Critical Points to Know Before Buying the Velocity Stack!

Velocity Stack

Putting the velocity stack on your car will always be a debatable topic and not every car owner might agree to it. However, if you carefully follow its plus points, you might change your mind. All you must do is get into understanding the technicalities a bit. Try to get a hang on how it works, and you will be able to figure out if your automobile needs it or not. If you are not into all the technicalities of the automobiles, there is nothing to worry about. You can seek a professional help and ask a technician to help you with the same. In the meantime, you can browse through the pointers to know few details about the stack.

Velocity Stack
Velocity Stack
  •  A.K.A. Intake Trumpets: There is another name for the velocity stack and it is also known as Intake Trumpets. This is because it comes with an intake valve. It opens and sends a power pulse through the suction. So, it gulps all the air that passes through it. Once the pulse reaches the stack horn at the right time, it will charge up better and supply air into the cylinder. In simpler words, an automobile lover will know how much this single action improves the overall output of the car’s engine.
  •  Key is the Size: It is important that you pick the right size for the velocity stack for your automobile. Most of the times, people go for the wrong size. They would choose either over capacity or buy under capacity. In both the cases, it would lead to failure in delivering the performance that the automobile owner expects. Hence, you will have to look up through the size guide and learn a bit of the technicality. You can browse your car manual to know about its capacity for buying the right stack.
  •  Accompanying Accessories: If you look at the velocity stack, you will find it relatively simpler to understand. However, it is the other accessories that come along with the stack that makes things slightly confusing. So, there is no need to feel confused and overwhelmed if the dealer or mechanic asks your opinion on throttle bodies or carburetors. You will find ample literature online about each of these parts. You simply must read the guidelines and get acquainted. Pitch your doubts to the technicians and get the queries resolved.
  •  Maintaining the Stack: Do not assume that fitting a right-sized velocity stack in your automobile will improve its power output. You will have to get it checked occasionally and serviced by the professionals. When you get the stack installed, you can talk with the technician about the care procedures. Do not try to D.I.Y. on your own as it can mess up the structure. If you wish to keep up with the stock's performance, you should get it assessed only by the professional.
  •  Putting the Right Money: Online opportunities have made it possible to find even the rarest of product easily. However, you need to take out time to learn about it. If you are not confident, you should ask a technician to guide you with it. Also, it is better to look at the product first and get an opinion on it. Only when you get the thumbs up from the expert, you can think of getting it for your automobile. There is no need to rush at every velocity stack that you come across.

Put your mind into the process of buying one. Rushing in excitement to give a boost to your car’s performance will only make you settle with the wrong product.

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