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5 Degrees That Can Help Kickstart Your Entrepreneurship Career

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional 9-5 workday doesn't foster productivity; the reality is quite the opposite.

The concept became popular during the industrial revolution and was initiated by a man named Henry Ford as an attempt to recruit more workers for his booming auto company. Back then, with little to no machinery at hand, manual labor was the only way to get things done. People were accustomed to 12–14-hour long shifts. Naturally, any job opportunity that required only 8 hours of work per day felt like a dream. Perhaps a century ago, this was a relatively more humane option, but today in the era of technology and digitization, the approach seems relatively outdated.

Think about it, every human is unique and has an individual work rhythm. While the long-going 9-5 shifts can enhance one employee's productivity, it can drain another and make them feel burned out. Now more than ever, we see people leaving behind this traditional regime and moving towards a life driven by passion. Instead of working under a boss, they choose to take their skills and utilize them to create an empire of their own.

With 100% creative control, increased autonomy, and the authority to develop flexible schedules, entrepreneurship is a far superior option. If you, too, are some who thrives off innovation and individuality, being an entrepreneur may just be your calling. To strengthen your decision and help you kickstart your career, we have compiled a list of a few degrees that can help you run your own business.

  • Business Degree:

Perhaps a degree in business management and administration is the first obvious answer when it comes to entrepreneurial excellence. Many institutes now offer online MBA no GMAT required for individuals just setting foot into the business realm.

For new entrepreneurs, time and money are of extreme importance and must be invested with caution. This is where flexible learning comes in.

In contrast to in-person classes, online programs are more cost-efficient and allow you to create personalized schedules that work best for your routine. This way, you can further your professional education while also giving due time to your growing business. Developing a company that does well in the real world requires more than just an innovative idea. Getting a business up and running requires creating a project plan, managing financial resources, and understanding the stock market. A business degree will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to strengthen your grasp on the business world and ensure long-term success.

  1. Accounting Degree:

When it comes to entrepreneurship, finance plays a major role in the success or downfall of an empire. Even businesses with strong foundations can crumble if resources aren't managed adequately. Especially for new business owners starting with limited investment and financial backup, the key to swift growth is learning how to utilize resources to their full potential.

A degree in accounting can help you in multiple aspects, from creating foolproof business plans to teaching you the skills needed to interact with clients, stakeholders, and investors. It can assist you keep track of your financial performance by monitoring aspects like liabilities, assets, income, and cash flow.

Accounting majors can better comprehend financial statements, read balance sheets, know where to invest, and learn how to deal with taxes. Proper accounting and detailed financial records help attract investors and give the impression that the owner is responsible and understands the financial implications of their business.

  • Computer Science Degree:

We live in the era of digitization where computers and technology play a key role in getting any start-up on the path to success. All companies, big or small, have at least one automated process and having basic IT education can save entrepreneurs a lot of time and money.

With some practice and knowledge of programming language, business owners do not need to rely on tech specialists to get their start-up running. Instead, they can save money by creating their own websites, logos, upgrading social platforms, running their digital campaigns, and thus creating more of an online presence. This degree can give business owners a competitive edge by helping them understand emerging market trends and keep up with the stock market. Moreover, they can tackle security issues and ensure that their company and its records stay safe from cybercrimes.

  • Marketing Degree:

Effective marketing is critical to create awareness about any small business and develop a loyal customer base. As a new company, you'll have to compete against a myriad of well-established brands to climb your way up to the top and acquire customer attention.

Since your audience doesn't know that your brand exists, you must reach out to them yourself. To establish a loyal customer base, you need to express what you and your company stand for, make them hear your pitch, and speak to the target crowd on an emotional level.

A marketing degree will help you combine traditional, modern, and digital marketing methods to market your product in a way that appeals to the consumers. This will assist you in developing creative ad campaigns and promotions that will communicate the uniqueness of your brand. A marketing degree can help your business grow rapidly and teach you how to manipulate social media trends and utilize digital platforms to widen your reach.

  • Psychology Degree:

While this may not seem relevant, a psychology degree can help you advance your brand in more ways than you know. The core of any successful business is its customers. All great entrepreneurs have a deep insight into the needs and wants of their customers. They understand their target audience on a deeper level and thus put out products that make an actual difference in their lives. With a basic knowledge of the consumer psyche, you can learn how to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people. It'll help you develop a cohesive company structure and plan marketing strategies that speak to your customers.

As your brand grows, you'll also need to recruit employees and a psychology degree can also assist with that. It'll help you decide which candidates are a good fit and hire people whose goals align with the company's vision.  Employees are the backbone of a company and hold it together in the absence of the owner. Having workers with a true sense of dedication, motivation, and commitment to brand growth will help create an organization with solid foundations.


Starting your own business and choosing to follow your passions is by no means an easy task. Leaving behind what the world is doing to pave a path of your own requires immense courage and confidence. But it is a decision that will reward you in the long run. However, if you decide to start your own business, make sure you have the skills and qualifications that can guide you and keep you afloat when navigating through cutthroat competition. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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